A New Series (Weekly Recap)

I’ve really been wanting to start a new series of blog posts, I just haven’t gotten around to it!  Among the long list of things I haven’t gotten around to.  I get asked questions all the time about where I shop for Charlie, what my favorite product is for sunless tanning, or what I do to keep my supply going while breastfeeding. I basically want to use this series as a way to answer these commonly asked questions in a weekly recap sort of way.  This will include some of my favorite things from the week, whether it’s the best sales, my favorite beauty products I’m using, something new I tried out and loved, or maybe a good book I’m reading <— That one might be wishful thinking, but you get my drift.

Because this is a series that I really want YOU to enjoy, PLEASE, PLEASE, let me know what you want to see in it! I want you to be interactive with it so reach out to me in the comments below or DM me.  Fun fact:  People DM me all the time and the first thing they say is, “I’m sorry to bug you, but where is  ________ from?” You guys! You are 10000% NOT bugging me at all!! THIS IS MY JOB!   I love getting to interact with you and talk about fun things like clothes, travel, baby talk, breastfeeding, whatever is on your mind or have questions about!

On another note… I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO CALL THIS SERIES!! I’ve been trying to think of something cute, and catchy.. but I’ve got nothin’.  Maybe it’s mom brain?  Any suggestions!?

Let’s get this going this week!

  1. PSA: ASOS is having up to 50% off their sale and it’s really good.  Scroll below to see some of my picks all under $50:

*One of the reasons I love Asos is it’s free shipping/free returns.  Use code: USAFREESHIP


DEAL of the Week is $15 for any fleece here!– I’ve been raving about this sweatshirt on my Instastories lately because it’s so comfortable!  It’s currently $15!  I have it in two colors and I wear them every single week!  I love the distressed version and here is a short sleeve option, perfect for a beach cover up!

Sweatshirt // Pants (top picture) // Pants (Bottom Picture)

Beauty Products I’ve tried this week + Thoughts

This Josie Maran Sunless tanning oil is EVERYTHING right now!  I was super skeptical about sunless tanning products because I normally just get a spray tan, but my lack of sleep has really made me change priorities.  I did not turn orange, I did not streak, and it smells nice!  I’ll be sharing a before/after picture next week on my stories!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Personal Goal for Next Week: To make it a whole week without a mental breakdown…

This quote got me through a tough day this week…

Photo from @Burtsbeesbaby Instagram

Random Thought:  Why is Peony season so short?  Mental note- please remember to plant peonies this Fall so I can have them in my yard next Spring! I’m putting you in charge of reminding me of this…

Jumpsuit // Shoes 

ICYMI:  Mom’s Can wear crop tops, too–here’s why in this post. 

Outfit Details Here

GOOD EATS: Try these cupcakes for this year’s big Fourth of July Party!