Summer Dresses by Wayf / Beach Hair

During our trip in Maui, it was all summer dresses for me.   I love being comfortable, I’m sure you have noticed this theme by now.  It’s especially important for me to be comfortable on vacation, so the easiest thing for me to wear, and even pack, are classic summer dresses!  I found this Wayf dress at Nordstrom the day before our trip.  I didn’t really need anything else for the trip, but something told me to go to the mall.  I saw the dress and thought, the material was so soft and how beautiful would this be flowing in the wind?!  It was the best decision ever.  The dress was under $70 and I know I’m going to wear this over and over this summer.  I’ll even admit that I actually wore this dress several times on the trip.  No judging allowed.

Wayf-Summer Dresses,-Beach-Hair-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-1 Wayf-Summer Dress-Beach-Hair-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-2 Wayf-Summer Dresses-Beach-Hair-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-3 Wayf-Summer Dress-Beach-Hair-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-4

It turns out that my intuition about this dress was correct.  It was the perfect thing to wear frolicking around on the beach!
Wayf-Summer Dresses-Beach-Hair-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-5

Maui and my hair did not get along to well.  The humidity was high and I’m not even sure why I attempted to curl my hair, as you can clearly see that beach hair below!   Wayf-Summer Dress-Beach-Hair-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-6 Wayf-Summer Dress-Beach-Hair-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-7 Wayf-Summer Dress-Beach-Hair-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-8  Wayf Dress (Under $70) Other LWD Favorites at Shopbop // BP Sunnies (Designer Duplicates) $12 (Christian Dior Version) // Braided Flip Flops

In other news right now, Nordstrom is offering triple points right now for cardholders.  This is usually the time I stock up on some of my staple pieces.  If you aren’t familiar with the program you have to use a Nordstrom Card (they have a debit card option, too) and basically you get 2 points for every dollar you spend towards a reward.  In this case you are going to get 6 points for every dollar you spend.

Also, Shopbop just announced a surprise sale right now on some great summer pieces!  (Can I tell you how excited I am to be speaking of Summer!?)  You can shop the sale here!