Skincare Routine: VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

Recently I’ve found some amazing skin care products that I haved added to my skincare routine.  I thought were so worthy, I needed to share with you asap!  I’ve been using some of these for a while now, but I had to test them out first!

Favorite Products:  Robe // Caudalie  Serum // Coconut Oil //Neutrogena Cleansing Towelette // VIICode Beauty Mask // Kerres Wild Rose

Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-2I started using Neutrogena Hydrating cleansing towlettes and completely fell in love!  Now, I don’t use these every night, but those nights when you are just too exhausted to even think of washing your face, this is the perfect replacement.  {Never, never, never go without washing your face!}  Neutrogena has wipes that are not hydrating and a completely oil free line if you are concerned with having oily skin or acne.  My skin tends to be on the dry side.  ( I have some great tips here for hydrating your skin too!) Most nights I use Frank Body Cleanser (which is another product I HIGHLY recommend), but when I’m traveling or just want to get to bed these are the perfect replacement.  Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-1-2

Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-4 Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-5 Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-2-2

^^^^^^ I wasn’t even wearing a full face of make up that day! Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-3-2

Another product I’ve incorporated to add a hydrating factor is this Caudalie serum.  This is made for any skin type and really packs the vitamins, antiaging, and adds a nice layer of hyration and softness to my skin!  I put it on before my moisturizer and continue on with my skin routine. Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-7-2

I have a couple different moisturizer options.  I use the Frank Body Moisturizer some days, good ole coconut oil some days, and most recently I’ve been using Korres Wild Rose + Brightening Sleeping Facial at night.  It honestly smells like a bouquet  of roses and really brightens my skin!  Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-8-2

And now… onto my favorite best kept secret… the VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Masks.  SWOON!  You may have seen a few snapchat videos of me using these little masks under my eyes for the first couple times.  Let me tell you, these little masks have become an essential part of my skin care routine.  VIIcode uses ecological plant oxygen extracts which are extracted from natural herbal formula to keep this product natural, vegan, and cruelty free!  Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-9-2

I use them about 3 times a week.  They are packaged individually and you just place them under your eyes and sleep in them over night to provide 8 hours of cotinuous treatment.  When you wake up in the morning you will not believe how soft and bright the skin under your eyes will look.  It’s extremely important to keep these areas hydrated to help prevent wrinkles.  (It doesn’t matter how old you are take the steps necessary to prevent them.  Your older self will love you).  These eye masks also help reduce puffiness and dark circles with continued use.   Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-10

One of things I like most about the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks is the soothing gel-like texture on them! This gel-like texture is so cool and refreshing to feel under your eye!  Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-11

Afternoon-Espresso-VII Beauty Mask-Skincare Routine- Neutrogena-Face-12

Photos by Lovas Photography