3 Unique Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day You Haven’t Thought Of

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It’s officially the month of love!  Who celebrates Valentine’s Day?  Over the years I learned that this is kind of a controversial subject- some people love it and some people don’t acknowledge it at all.  For me, I LOVE any reason to celebrate, especially if it’s about “love.”  Call me a hopeless romantic, but Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Whether you are celebrating a Galentine, Valentine, or maybe showing yourself some love, I wanted to share 3 unique gift ideas for your special someone (or yourself) that you might not have thought about getting them!  I even have a few discount codes for you, too!  Check those out below.


  1. unique gifts for valentine's day - Mediterra Cafe - Luxury Pen - Century II Rollerball Pen1. Cross Century II Pearlescent White Lacquer Rollerball Pen-

  2. The best gifts are the most useful gifts, in my opinion.  I love receiving and gifting items that I know will get used over and over.  I also really enjoy buying gifts that people wouldn’t necessarily splurge on for themselves. Investing in a luxury pen isn’t something I would normally do, but this is exactly why this Cross Century Pen makes for the perfect gift for anyone!  It comes in 11 different colors, but I fell completely in love with the white lacquer with the beautiful rose gold.  This pen is perfectly weighted and writes so smooth- which is key for me whether I’m jotting something down in my calendar or writing a cute note to Joey.

Cross Century has been kind enough to offer a discount just for Afternoon Espresso Readers:

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Gifts for Valentine's Day - Mediterra Cafe - Luxury Pen - Century II Rollerball Pen

Best Pens For Writing - Mediterra Cafe - Luxury Pen - Century II Rollerball Pen- unique gifts for valentine's day - Mediterra Cafe - Zenni Optical - Blockz Frames 2. Zenni Optical – Valentine’s Day Eyewear

Trust me on this one, your eyes (or your special someone’s eyes) will love you for this!  I can’t count the number of times I’ve had the worst headache or blurry vision from starting at my computer or iphone all day working.  The Zenni Blokz™ eyewear is designed to protect those baby blues from the blue light on any digital device!  I actually thought I was finished wearing glasses after my Lasik surgery, but these cutesy pair have been worth, especially for those of you on a computer frequently throughout the day.  They are even under $30!! There is a huge variety of frames, styles, and colors to choose from and some starting at only $12.95.  You can check them out here!

unique gifts for valentine's day - Mediterra Cafe -Zenni Eyewear - Zenni Optical - Zenni Valentine's Day Eyewear

3. Casio’s G-SHOCK S Series GMDS6900MC Watch

LOVE watches.  I honestly don’t like leaving the house without a watch, but I never actually wear one to the gym because I didn’t have a sports watch that would be appropriate until now.  The G-SHOCK S Series watch is very comfortable to wear, durable, and water resistant so I don’t have to worry about it getting knocked around during a workout or Charlie snatching it from me!  The thing I love most is how stylish the watch is.  (Would you honestly expect anything less of me?)  It’s the perfect shade of blush pink and  has an adorable matte band with rose gold accents.  It is also equipped with a stopwatch, timer, and multiple alarms.

unique gifts for valentine's day - Mediterra Cafe -Bableboxx- Ladies Watch - Sports watch - Casio’s G-SHOCK S Series