Top Must Have Newborn Essentials for New Moms


The second we found out we were having a baby girl, the research began on every baby item we were going to need.  Some items worked out and others we could live without.  Today, I’m hoping to eliminate some of that research for you by rounding up my top must have newborn essentials for new moms!  Every baby is different, though.  They key is just being open to try one item. If it doesn’t work, try another!

Must Have Newborn Essentials

Newborn Essentials


We love Ubbi Diaper Pail c/o, Ubbi Diaper Caddy c/o, Little Unicorn Changing Pad c/o The Baby Cubby, Munchkin Changing Pads,  Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Ubbi Diaper Pail c/o – 100% necessary.  We actually love the one Ubbi sent us so much that we bought a second one to put downstairs.  These pails lock in the scent of dirty diapers and come in all sorts of cute colors!  The bags are super easy to put in and take out.  (You’ll find a trend of wanting “easy” items in this post.)

 Newborn Essentials - Ubbi Diaper Pail

Little Unicorn Changing Pad c/o The Baby Cubby– Little Unicorn is one of our favorite baby brands!  Their little blankets, towels, and accessories are the softest and have the most beautiful prints.  I couldn’t resist this super soft changing pad cover!  Newborn Essentials- Little Unicorn - Baby Cubby

Ubbi Portable Diaper Caddy c/o – The portable diaper station is perfect when I’m downstairs and the changing table is upstairs.  It comes equipped with a place to put diapers, a drawer for creams, hand sanitizer, etc., a refillable wipes dispenser, and a mat to lay the baby on!  It’s perfectly set up so you can carry it around wherever you need.   Newborn Essentials- Ubbi Diaper Caddy

Honest Company Diapers c/o– I’m a little on the fence about these diapers.  When Charlie was first born it was so much easier to gauge when I needed to change her diaper with Pampers Swaddlers because the line turns blue.  Now, that we’ve gotten accustomed to what a diaper feels like when it needs change, these work.  I love the cute prints of these diapers, but another thing to note is that we’ve found that they run small in comparison to other brands.  We had to use up the newborn size in these first before switching to Pampers Newborns because those were bigger and at the time 1’s were still too big.   Newborn Essentials- Honest Company Diapers

Munchkin Changing Pads– We had a friend tell us to pick these up and I’m so glad she did.  It saves our beautiful Little Unicorn changing pad from getting ruined and also prevents us having to constantly wash it.  It’s much easier to lay a pad down, and if Charlie has an accident on it (which happens quite frequently) we can just pull the waterproof pad off and toss it right in the washer.  It’s so easy!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment  We’ve tried a few different diaper creams and we actually like this ointment the best because it’s clear and so much easier to clean off than the other white creams.  Charlie had a little rash and we found that trying to get those white creams off consisted of more rubbing than necessary.  Our pediatrician recommended this as a better option to not irritate a rash more.  We also use it as a preventative measure on our baby’s sensitive skin.

Memorabilia Items:

 Newborn Essentials - Pearhead Sonogram Frame

Baby Book  I cannot stress how much memories, books, photos, and notes mean to me!  This baby book is the perfect way to document your little one’s life journey.  There are blank pages, pages for pictures, and space for notes and thoughts.  You can even put in your hopes and what you think your little one may like or do.

Baby Prints keepsake c/o Pearhead– I’m, especially, excited for this little keepsake because when we actually made a paw print for each of our dogs during each of their first Christmas and turn them into an ornament to hang on our Christmas tree.  We are going to continue that tradition this year with Charlie!  I’m so excited for all our new traditions we are going to have!

Ultrasound Frame c/o Pearhead- We ended up getting 3D ultrasounds at Hey Baby! This frame is perfect for putting each ultrasound by trimester so we can have it as the perfect keepsake!

 Bath Time:

We love AngelCare Bath Support c/o, Copper Pearl Hooded Towels c/o, Babyganics c/o,

Babyganics c/o – We’ve been using these products during bath time!  The soap is gentle on Charlie’s little skin and the pump containers are super convenient!  We also keep the foam sanitizer everywhere: diaper bag, changing station, car, etc.

 Newborn Essentials- Babyganics

AngelCare Bath Support c/o–  We love this bath support.  There are so many infant baths and supports on the market, it was honestly something that overwhelmed me.  I love the AngelCare Bath support because it’s not over the top, but it’s fully functional.  It fits perfectly in our kitchen sink so I’m not hunched over a tub. It is big enough to allow Charlie to grow and still use it comfortably for a while.  The holes make for the perfect draining source when we are rinsing the baby and it’s easy to clean and dry off.
 Newborn Essentials- Angelcare Bath Support  Newborn Essentials - AngelCare Bath Support - Baby BathCopper Pearl Hooded Towels c/o–  Copper Pearl has the cutest prints and softest materials!  (We are looking forward to using these darling little bandana bibs!)  We especially love the hooded towels.  They are such a necessity when it comes to bathing an infant and even up to a toddler.  The towel is perfectly made so you can just wrap your little one up like a swaddle while keeping their little head warm with the hood.  The Rose Print is my absolute favorite, but there are so many cute options to choose from!
 Newborn Essentials- Copper Pearl Hooded Towel - Baby Bathtime


We loved: Owlet Sleep Sock, Oasis Sound Machine, Rock N Play, Salt Lamp, Aden + Anais Blankets

 Newborn Essentials- Owlet Sleep Sock - Aden and Anais Sleeper

Owlet Sleep Sock c/o-   The Owlet Sleep sock really gave us peace of mind while we are sleeping. (So much we did an entire post on it here).  The main reason we love it is because it tracks the heart rate and oxygen levels of the baby while she sleeps.  If either of those go below or above the threshold, the Owlet will notify us!  It’s honestly helped me sleep better knowing Charlie is being monitored.  This item is worth every single penny.

 Newborn Essentials- AngelCare Baby Monitor

AngelCare Baby Monitor c/o- This is another must have item that I couldn’t live without.  Everyone needs a baby monitor. Right now Charlie is sleeping in our room with us, but she likes to wake up in the mornings to eat and then falls back asleep.  Once she does that I typically put her in her crib so I can get some blog work in or some things around the house done.  With a ton of baby monitors on the market, here is why you need this one:  As you can see, the monitor has a great picture and is wireless so you can easily carry it in whatever room you are in.  There is no guessing what your baby is doing while you are in a different room. This model has two way sound technology so you can always hear your baby and you can talk to your baby when you need to as well! This comes in handy if I need to have a little shhh shhh’ing to sway Charlie back to sleep.   Another feature that I love is the wireless sensor monitor that it comes with.  This sensor will notify you if no movement has been made (like breathing) in 20 seconds.  I know we have the Owlet Sock, but there is nothing wrong with an additional device for comfort and peace of mind.

Oasis Noise Machine–  This is so necessary.  We didn’t use it, initially, because I was trying to use as little as possible to help with sleep.  Once we did, it became a life saver.  This has now become just part of our nightly routine.  The Oasis Noise Machine comes with an SD card with sounds on it already, but you can add your own or use the auxiliary function.  My favorite part is it that it has a huge sound that can be turned up or down, but it’s so compact in size it’s easy to travel with!

Salt Lamp– This was such a good buy!  I’ve heard really good benefits of having a salt lamp by your bed!  I acts as a neutralizer, improves sleep, and boosts serotonin levels in the brain.  This one has a dimmer function which has been great for late night wake ups and diaper changes.  After those, I dim the light down,  but it’s still light enough that I can see the baby if I need to just check on her!

 Newborn Essentials- Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets c/o –  We use a swaddle every single night and randomly throughout the day.  One of the things I like about these, in particular, is that they are super soft but still structured at the same time.  This allows the baby to be snug as a bug all night (or at least until the next wake up call).

Rock N Play This was actually an item that was not on our registry, but one of my friends texted me and asked about it.  She loved it so much that she had two, so I thought, why not?  It has literally been our lifesaver.  Since Charlie doesn’t like her bassinet, this became the perfect sleeping spot for her.  It comes with a vibration and can be rocked as well, which is perfect for a quick lull back to sleep!

Did not Like: Ollie Swaddles

I’ve heard quite a few people love the Ollie Swaddles.  They did not work for us because the velcro is so large, it makes it really awkward wrapping the baby in it.  Secondly, Charlie does not like her arms to be swaddled so these just didn’t work for us.

On the Fence: Halo Bassinest

We really liked the concept of the Bassinest.  You can essentially make it the height of your bed and have it overlay over the bed so you can have your baby essentially right next to you in the bed.  Unfortunately, the second we would put Charlie in it she would wake up.  She wasn’t a fan.  I am still hopeful that it will be a good transition to her crib so as time gets closer to that point, we are going to try it out again.

Headed Out/Travel

We love the Milk Snob Covers, Maxi Cosi Carseat, Uppa Baby Vista, Skip Hop Changing Pad, Purse Insert

 Newborn Essentials- Milk Snob Cover

Milk Snob Carseat Covers c/o – I love, love these covers.  I’ve always heard people tell me strangers like to touch babies.  This is the perfect solution to that, but it also doubles as a nursing wrap, and a scarf!  The material is super soft and comes in several other colors and patterns!

 Newborn Essentials- ILY Couture Tee - Uppa Baby Vista

Uppa Baby Vista–  We did a lot of research on the stroller.  It was exhausting.  I know this one is kind of a splurge in comparison to some of the other ones like the Chicco Travel System I’ve heard really good things about!).  We ended up going with this one because you can take it from infancy to two children.  I liked the flexibility this one has to offer.  We even purchased this converter set so we can just place her carseat in it until she is big enough for next level seat.

 Newborn Essentials- Skip Hop Portable Changing Pad

Skip Hop Changing Pad c/o– This one is a great one for being out in public!  It’s so compact that it just slides right in side of my purse/diaper bag.  It opens as a changing pad- we’ve used it in the car, in stores, and other people’s houses.  It has a pocket for wipes and even a diaper.

Purse Insert– This is another favorite of mine because it’s the perfect size for everything we need for the baby when we are not at home.  I just put it in my purse instead of using a diaper bag.  When I change purses, all I have to do is just pull it out. It’s also super helpful for when Joey stays in the car with the baby and I need to run a quick errand.  I just pull it out of my purse and he has everything he needs for Charlie.

Maxi Cosi Carseat-   So far we like our carseat.  It’s easy to click in and out and it’s very plush and comfortable for the baby. There are two downsides, I would say. One is that it wouldn’t fit properly in the middle seat of the car so we have it on the side.  The other downside is that when you put the handle up or down it makes a very loud click which startles the baby and will definitely wake her up. We have to plan accordingly or just put her in and out with it up, which can be a hassle sometimes.

Miscellaneous Items

I also recommend grabbing these disposable bags for dirty diapers or clothes, pacifier wipes, and hand sanitizer c/o.

On the Fence:

Diaper Bag– I haven’t used the diaper bag I bought because I’ve just been using my purse.  I don’t really think there is a need, yet, to have a huge diaper bag + purse.  Maybe when Charlie needs more toys and things to occupy her, it will come in handy.

Solly Wrap c/o– I like the wrap when it works.  Once I get it on, and if the baby cooperates she will stay in there snug as a bug and sleep for a while.  It also frees up my hands so I can do some things around the house.  The other benefit is that it relieves my back of pain also.  The downside to the wrap is it’s kind of a pain to put on and off.  If the baby is fussing she is very difficult to get into it.  Once she falls asleep in the wrap, I pretty much have to keep her there until she wakes up because getting the wrap off is a guarantee wake up call.


We love Como Tomo Bottles, Spectra S2 Breast Pump, Bamboobies Nursing Pads, Ergo Nursing Pillow

Como Tomo Bottles:  I had no idea where to begin with bottles, especially since I knew I would be breastfeeding the majority of the time.  We started with another bottle and we begin to have latching issues instantly.  I switched over to the Como Tomo bottles and haven’t looked back since!  These bottles are made to mimic breastfeeding to avoid nipple confusion to make going from the breast to the bottle with no problem.

 Newborn Essentials- Como Tomo Bottles

Ergo Nursing Pillow c/o The Baby Cubby-  We love this pillow!  It actually is a much firmer option in comparison to the Boppy Pillow, which is helpful to fully support your little one’s weight when nursing.  (We did buy the Boppy Lounger and love it).

 Newborn Essentials- The Baby Cubby - Ergo Nursing Pillow

I also recommend getting this Bottle Drying Grass and these Copper Pear Bandana Bibs c/o


 Newborn Essentials- The Baby Cubby- Baby Toys

mamaRoo c/o: I will be honest about this product.  It’s a little on the pricier side and I’ve had a few friends say they didn’t use theirs much. Charlie loves it!  In fact, she is in it right now.  It enables me to have some free hands to get a few things done and she just enjoys the swaying (4 different motion options) and the sounds!  The mamaRoo also comes with an overhanging mobile that Charlie loves seeing move when she kicks her feet.

Activity Mat: Another good entertainer.  Our dog, Bentley would agree too.  He thinks this is his play area.  When Charlie gets time to play there she has lots of shapes and patterns to look at.  She loves seeing herself in the mirror!

Cute Books (C/O The Baby Cubby)- I’ve read tons of articles that, even as a newborn, it’s good to read to them!  They may not know what you are saying, but studies have shown it actually strengthens their vocabulary and helps them learn to speak better!

 Newborn Essentials - The Baby Cubby- Baby books

Favorite Places to Shop:

The Baby Cubby– One of my favorite boutiques to shop online for baby everything.  It’s kind of a one stop shop of unique items, tested by moms so you know you are getting quality items.  The customer service is excellent and you get free shipping.  They will even price match, which is amazing because I love supporting smaller businesses!

Spearmint Baby– This is another boutique I love to shop at it!  It’s so fun getting unique items you won’t see just anywhere.  We’ve gotten several sleep gowns and toys from here plus shipping is free!

Pottery Barn Kids– We purchased a lot of the nursery decor from here!  The quality is good and a lot of times you can catch a coupon to help out with the pricing!


Favorite Clothing Brands:

Kickee Pants – Pricey, but the material is the best.  It’s excellent quality and very stretchy for a wiggly baby!  Did I mention super soft?  It’s a dream!

Gymboree:  (40% off everything right now!) Really good quality clothing! The fabrics feel so nice and there are always super cute seasonal items!

Gap Baby:  Love the quality of the clothing here also.  I always get everything on sale (usually 40%-50% off).  There are always good basics like pants, undershirts, denim, and jackets.  Gap also has the cutest dresses!

Zara Baby The trendiest, cutest baby clothes ever!  Everything is mostly reasonable in pricing also!  I’m finding that their sizing runs a tad big in comparison to other brands.


Moral of the story, newborns need a lot of stuff!  What newborn essentials did you love? Comment below and let me know!


Photography by Julie Kahlbaugh