The Ritz Carlton

A stay at The Ritz Carlton?  Count me in!  I was physically jumping for joy the second we arrived at The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua Bay in Maui!   We stayed at a Ritz for the very first time last year in the Grand Cayman.  From that point on, I knew I was going to be hooked for life on this hotel.  Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-23

From the second you arrive in Kapalua Bay, you are immediately warmly welcomed by the staff at the Ritz.  It’s all in the little details that really make a difference when you are traveling, and The Ritz Carlton didn’t miss a beat.  We were welcomed with a fresh juice beverage which was exactly what I needed after such a long flight.  There was no need to do any work once we stepped out of the car because the valet was ready to grab our keys and the bellman took our luggage right to our room.  Just like all of my Hawaiian dreams, we were each lei’d and taken to the check in desk.  The check-in process was seamless and quick, which is all you can ask for when you are ready to hit the beach or pool!  Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-15

We arrived to our room and were given the run down of the resort, local restaurants, and even some fun activities to do!  To our surprise we received the cutest welcome gift with homemade granola, spices, a thank you card, and even a map of some of the best trails around to run or hike!  (You see what I mean when I say it’s all in the details?  It really makes you feel special!)
Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-22Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-20

This was my favorite little spot!  Any time I travel, I need a view!  I know some people look at it like you aren’t in your room very often, so why bother?  Well, there is just something about sitting on the lanai first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and just enjoying the scenery or having a glass of wine in the evening before dinner.  These are my favorite moments on vacation.  It’s such a good bonding time for Joey and I to just relax and engage in good coversation while listening to the ocean.
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Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-2 Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-3

The Pool Bar & Cafe was one of our favorite little lunch spots at the resort.  It was super convenient (right by the pool) and even offered service to the pool!  We actually did both.  The service was quick and the food was delicious.  The resort also had the Burger Shack which had amazing burgers.  There was something about the beef in Maui, it was the best!  I also certainly had my fair share of Mahi Mahi though.  It’s my favorite fish and was in season so they served it everywhere!  Speaking of fish, we couldn’t go to Maui and not have sushi.  We ate at Kai Sushi one night, which did not disappoint.  It was so fresh!
Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-4 Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-5

I totally fell in love with the herb garden outside of the Pool Cafe and the Banyan Tree, Ritz Carlton’s highly acclimated fine dining location on the resort.  That is fresh ingredients at its best! Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-7 The views were perfection everywhere you looked!
Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-24

Every path and every detail was impeccably clean and well maintained. Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-9 Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-10 Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-11 Adore Me-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-swimsuit-Blogger-Chloe Bag-3-2

I am a total beach girl and Joey is definitely a pool boy so we typically split our time in half between the two.  (Compromise is key in a  realtionship 🙂 ).   Either location there were no complaints.
Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-12

The pool was equipped with comfortable lounge chairs, towel station, and a pool concierge to help with setting up!  There were plenty of umbrellas and cabanas if you like the shade.  There are several hot tubs, a family pool, and a separate adult only pool!  This is another example of how The Ritz Carlton pays close attention to every detail.  Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-19Adore Me-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-swimsuit-Blogger-Chloe Bag-5

Adore Me Swim // Hat // Sunnies // Wrap Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-1Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-14_MG_4292

The beach was so clean and the sand was soft and fluffy!  It was actually perfect because there were chairs and these little lounge pods right above the beach that we could lay on but still have the view of the ocean! This made Joey happy because he could avoid the sand.

The Ritz Carlton- Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-17

Ritz Carlton, Wayf-Summer Dress-Beach-Hair-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-7

Wayf Dress // Braided Flip Flops // BP Sunnies

Ritz Carlton, Hotel Review-The Ritz-Maui-Hawaii-Vacation-Collaboration-26

The perfect ending to the day was a nice glass of wine on the lanai!

Thank you so much Ritz Carlton for having us in Kapalua Bay, Maui!   Be sure to check back tomorrow!  I’m going to be sharing my first vacation videowith you and more on some of the fun activities we did while in Maui!