TGIF with a Beauty Review of Arbonne…..

Who is beyond excited that it’s Friday?  {0o! 0o! Me! Me!} To kick off the weekend, I wanted to share with you a new {well, at least new to me} skincare line I’ve been testing out.  First off, I’m so big on getting samples of everything before I purchase.  I always ask for samples of the latest and greatest products at Nordstrom and Sephora– my beauty go-to’s.  It makes it really easy to wean out the products you don’t want to waste your money on.  The other thing that I’ve been trying to keep in mind when purchasing products for my face are the ingredients.  I tend to go with things that are more organic and natural ingredients.  Now, I clearly don’t do this with every product I put on my face, but I’ve been leaning toward these things especially when it comes to my skin care.
My latest discovery has been Arbonne. I had never heard of it until I moved to Pittsburgh and in passing a few people have mentioned it here and there.  A girl I work with started selling it and asked me if I would be interested in trying it out!  I was like ehhhh at first because I’m just particular about products I use, so I decided to research it a little more….
Why I Love It
All of the products are botanically based and cruelty free.  The company is big on being green whether that means putting natural ingredients in their products or recycling.   Arbonne has such a large variety of products to choose from skincare regiments, nutritious shakes, baby products, vitamins, and even cosmetics.  I’ve only tried a few things so far {key words- so far} but I’m looking forward to trying out more!!
What I’ve Tried
I wanted to start out by trying the RE9 products because, sadly, I’m officially pushing 30 and it’s time to start considering anti aging products.  It’s never too early, anyway.
RE9 Smoothing Facial Cleanser-  The cleanser was nice and creamy.  It had almost a slight citrus, refreshing scent to it that I really liked (not that it’s a huge determining factor, but it was a plus!).  I felt like my make up from the day was fully removed and my face was soft.
RE9 Intensive Renewal Serum-  The purpose of this serum is to hold in moisture (which moisture is definitely a key factor in preventing wrinkles), lift, firm, and remove fine lines.  I do have to say that i haven’t been using this product long enough to notice the later, but as far as moisture is concerned, I was very pleased with the reduction of my dry skin.  In the winter months and early spring my skin is so dry and I do everything I can to keep it hydrated.
RE9 Corrective Eye Cream- Purpose- to eliminate my crows feet slowly peering out the corners of my eyes, puffiness, and dark circles.  I can’t speak for the wrinkles yet, but the puffiness and dark circles have improved.
RE9 Night Repair Cream- More hydrating here- {your skin can’t get enough, plus drink lots of water too!}  My dermatologist said that everyone needs an antioxidant product daily and this repair cream has it.  It helps make the skin more youthful.  This cream made my face feel super smooth and had a nice scent as well.
Cooling Foot Creme  I know this one is a little random, but if you know what it is like to stand on your feet all day or even have a long day in heels, you will certainly appreciate this one.  I know after I come home from work the first thing I do is soak my feet from a long day of being on them.  Sometimes I don’t have time for that or I just want to go to bed- so my next option is to beg my husband for a foot massage.  Sometimes that works.  For those times it doesn’t work, I was thrilled to rub this cooling creme on my little tootsies.  The cool feeling the lotion gives, while gently exfoliating makes the world of difference. The best part is that it didn’t leave my feet greasy like some lotions do.  Check for this product!
There you have it!  My thoughts on my latest beauty trial.  Have a wonderful weekend and happy First Day of SPRING!!!
*Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.*