Super Moist Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread Recipe

It’s pumpkin everything season!  Is it even Fall without a good pumpkin bread recipe?  Here is my spin on a classic:  Super moist, chocolate chip pumpkin bread!  Plus I’m sharing my little secret on how to keep any type of bread super moist! super-moist-pumpkin-chocolate-chip-bread-recipe-x-afternoon-espresso-blog-1-3

super-moist-pumpkin-chocolate-chip-bread-recipe-x-afternoon-espresso-blog-3 super-moist-pumpkin-chocolate-chip-bread-recipe-x-afternoon-espresso-blog-2super-moist-pumpkin-chocolate-chip-bread-recipe-x-afternoon-espresso-blog-4

I love baking bread because it is so easy and so scrumptious!  I usually will bake a few at a time and bag them in these little brown bags, hot glue little leaves on for decoration, and tie them up with twine to give to my friends!