Spring Trends to Stock Up On (+ Surprise Sale!)

I am soooo over dressing for winter! I have major envy for those bloggers who live South and are embracing all the new spring trends happening right now.  Unfortunately, Pittsburgh has a little ways to go before we get there.  It doesn’t mean I can’t start stocking up on some of the Spring trends coming out, especially when they are on sale!  Shopbop just launched their 5 Days of Buy More, Get More Sale!  Below are the details so stock up before they sell out!


I’m also trying to figure out a way to get a warm getaway in before Spring actually hits, but I’m a little late to the game because a lot of places are booked, I’m assuming because of Spring break.  Every year I say I need to start booking a trip in January or February and every year I NEVER book a trip in January or February.  In fact, the exact same thing happened last year and we ended up not going on vacation until May.  Anyway, I’m going to shop like it’s warm and sunny here and like I’m going on a vacation soon.  Here are my favorite

Spring Trends


  1. 1. Denim Shorts  I LIVE for a good pair of denim shorts.  These are something I don’t mind spending money on because I literally wear them all the time.  From Spring to Fall.  It’s so easy to pair a sweater with shorts in the cooler months with a pair of sneakers or booties.   It makes for the perfect transitional outfit in the Spring until the temperatures start to rise!  I have a Rag and Bone pair of shorts that were the BEST investment!  I ended up getting them on a Shopbop sale!  This year I’m trying out this brand.  I bought two colors and I think I’m going to love them just as much as my Rag and Bone Pair!
  2. One / Two / Three / Four

2.  Spring Sneakers–  I am 1000% on board with buying a new pair of Converse sneakers every year.  There is just something about a crisp, white pair of sneakers during the warm months that just melts my heart!  I always grab them on sale as well!

Speaking of crisp, white sneakers, how do you all feel about the Golden Goose Sneakers?  I’ve been seeing them everywhere and I would most certainly say they are a Spring trend- but I honestly cannot get passed the way they look dirty (especially for the price!).  I’d love to know your thoughts!

Other sneakers on the rise this Spring are these APL sneakers.  I’m obsessed because they are functional as a workout shoe, but come in so many colors!  Another bonus is they actually have my size 5 in stock!  (The curse of the tiny feet!).  I get so many compliments on these shoes every time I wear them!

3. Leopard is Here to Stay– YES.  I’m pretty sure that leopard is always going to be here, but I’m loving all the leopard swimsuits I’ve been seeing.  I feel like if you only purchase one leopard item this season, it has to be leopard swim.   I’m crushing on these pieces here:

One / Two / Three / Four

I retract that thought a little because I think leopard sneakers might be a tie for a leopard swimsuit.  Basically you have to own two leopard items this year.  Leopard is essentially a neutral print and you can virtually wear it with ANYthing- jeans, shorts, skirts- you name it.

4.  Spring Handbags-  This Spring I’m eyeing a ton of the Raffia and Straw Bags.   Again, these are really good neutral bags that are perfect for bouncing around town or a beach vacation you might have coming up in the next few months.  I tend to go for a smaller bag in the Spring months, but here are some cute tote bags, too!   I’m obsessed with this one and I think I’m going to take the plunge!

5.  Simple Dresses- I think the one thing I miss most about the warmer months is the ease of finding a simple dress, tossing a denim jacket over it, adding some sneakers and out the door you go!  It’s honestly my favorite thing ever.  Dresses are so comfortable and versatile and I’m crushing over this one so bad!

Here are some other favorites!

One / Two / Three / Four 

6. Spring Sandals, Espadrilles, and Slides These bow sandals are everything! I am completely obsessed with them!  Most of the time I’m pretty casual so a sneaker or sandal is always an essential for me during the warmer months.  I like to branch out and buy a small heel like these, which will go with everything: dresses, pants, jeans, etc.  I also love these slides for a good pool day and if I know I’m going to be walking a lot of just need to run errands, I love wearing an Espadrilles!