Spring Brunch with Black Box Wine

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It’s never too soon to kick off Spring and Summer with some good wine.  The weather here has been perfect (please jot that down.. I actually complimented Pittsburgh weather)!   Sunny days, a light warm breeze, and long evenings; It’s times like these that call for a good brunch.  I’ve been making my brunches a seasonal affair, and I thought it was about time to have another.

Ever since traveling to Napa Valley a few years ago, I sort of became a little bit of a wine snob.   I am certainly not a sommelier, but my tastes have certainly evolved from white zinfandels to a more sophisticated palate.  I think white wines are perfect on hot summer days, and at the same time, I love a nice bold, red wine in the evenings!  What can I say?  I just love wine.

Black Box Wine - Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-Wine-8

I have plenty of favorite brands of wine but one of my go-to’s, especially for gatherings, is Black Box wine.  You get 4 bottles of wine in one, easily transportable box.  It’s perfect for bringing to outdoor gatherings or picnics with its easy-to-pour spouts.  You no longer need to have the argument of “Who forgot the cork opener?”  It’s extremely affordable at roughly $22 a box (remember, that’s 4 bottles of wine versus $15 for an average price of just one bottle of wine), and the best part is the quality of the wine.  I’ve learned affordability does not automatically mean lack of quality.  In fact Black Box has won over 50 Gold Medals for it’s delectible quality!

If you can’t finish the whole box – no worries.  The box of wine will stay fresh for up to six weeks!  I’m cringing at the number of bottles of wine I’ve thrown away because they’ve gone bad.  Or you always have the option to send the box home with a friend!

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Black Box Wine - Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-Wine-5 Black Box Wine - Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-Wine-3

Black Box Wine - Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-Wine-7 Black Box Wine - Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-Wine-2

I used Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon to make these refreshing wine slushies!  These will be perfect for a hot day outside!
Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-13

The star of the brunch were these chocolate crepes with a Black Box Chardonnay berry compote!  These beauties stole the show, so I had to share this recipe with you!
Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-3 copy

Crepes are actually very simple!  A lot of people are intimidated about making them, but trust me on this.. you can do it!

First, combine all the ingredients in a mixing  bowl until well combined.  (See not so hard so far).

Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-5

Next, use a skillet that’s been heating on medium to medium high heat.  Coat the pan with a non-stick cooking spray of choice.  Use 1/3 cup of the batter and pour right into the center of the skillet.  As soon as you do, pick up the pan and swirl the batter around until it forms a very thin circle around the pan.

Cook for about a minute, then flip and cook for another minute.  (Don’t turn your head because these can burn easily!)

Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-6

Stack them up so you can prepare the remainder of the recipe.Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-4 copy

I used a basic, but oh-so-delicious whipped cream recipe for the filling.

Combine all ingredients in the bowl, and using a hand mixer, mix on high for 3 to 4 minutes or until stiff peaks form.
Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-7Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-8

Using a spatula, spread the whipped cream over half of a crepe.

Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-9

Fold the circle in half.

Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-10

Then, fold again in half to create these cute little triangles filled with such yummy goodness. Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-11Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-1 copy

The final step is to prepare the Black Box Chardonany berry compote by placing 3 cups of chopped berries of choice.  (I used blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries).  I added sugar, lime juice, and a whole cup of chardonnay.

Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-2 copy

Heat on medium heat until the berries start to cook down and the sauce thickens.

Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-12

Pour all over your crepes.
Black Box Wine - Chocolate-Crepe-Recipe-Collaboration-Foodie-Brunch-16

ENJOY every single bite!

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