Updating Your Spring Beauty Routine With Vivo Per Lei

My theory is not working so far by being in denial about the current weather situation in Pittsburgh, but I’m going to keep trying anyway!  Today, I’m introducing you to Vivo Per Lei to help you update your spring beauty routine this year! My theory is that if I keep pushing spring along it will be here!  It’s currently snowing.

I love getting new beauty products to try, but I like to test them out for a few weeks so I can actually give you an accurate review of them.  I don’t think you can truly tell if you like a product by just one trial.  You have to use the product at least a dozen times to tell!  I really enjoyed updating my spring beauty routine with these anti-aging products.  The Vitamin C really gave the boost to my skin that it needed.  The other thing that was a bonus for me is that most anti-aging products are so expensive and I found that Vivo Per Lei is affordable in relation to the quality of product you are getting!

Updating your spring beauty routine with vivo per lei

Vivo Per Lei Laboratories sent me these four products from their anti-aging Vitamin C + Amino Collection:

  1. 1. Milk Cleanser
  2. 2. Vitamin C Repairing Serum
  3. 3.  Vitamin C + Amino Night Repair
  4. 4.  Vitamin C + Amino Day Moisturizer

Sounds good so far, right?  Now, I’m going to take you step by step through my Spring beauty routine and give you my review on each of these products from the very first time I tried them!

Vivo Per Lei cleaning products for spring timeVivo Per Lei milk cleanser- the one product you need this spring! 1. Milk Cleanser 

The first time I tried the Milk Cleanser was in the evening.  I used about a dime size amount in my palm and gently massaged it onto my skin, over the make up I wore that day.  The cleanser has a thick consistency with a slight bit of grit, which was perfect for getting the make up an impurities off of my skin.  However, it’s not abrasive like an exfoliator would be, which makes it perfect for everyday use.  After rinsing my face felt clean and smooth, but not tight or over dried.

Updating your spring beauty routine with vivo per lei Milk Cleanser and Vitamin C serum

  1. 2. Vitamin C Repairing Serum

  2.  Next, I applied one pump of the Vitamin C Repairing Serum to my face and gently patted a little under my eyes.  The consistency is about the same a make up primer, very light.  The texture was extremely smooth and velvety melting right into my skin.  It left my skin feeling silky and looking radiant.

3.Vitamin C + Amino Night Repair

Because I was heading to bed, I tried the Night Repair cream.  I applied this creamy texture to my face and neck in an upward motion (in an attempt to avoid pulling my face down where gravity often takes it).  Layering the Night Repair on top of the the serum just added an extra boost of moisture that I need for the night time.   After 8 (probably 9) hours of beauty rest, I woke up with my face still feeling smooth and hydrated.

Updating your spring beauty routine with vivo per lei vitamin c serum

  1. 4.  Vitamin C + Amino Day Moisturizer –

  2. Since I typically only cleans my face at night, the next morning I decided to steam my face with a hot towel, add one pump of the Vitamin C Repairing Serum followed by the Vitamin C + Amino Day Moisturizer prior to applying my make up for the day.  After 10+ hours of impurities surrounding my skin, a workout, my typically dry skin actually felt smooth and moisturized throughout the day without compromising the longevity of my normal make make up routine.

Overall, I was very please with the results of Vivo Per Lei products and I plan to continue to use them!  They left my skin feeling refreshed, smooth, and moisturize, all while enjoying working some important anti-aging necessities for youthful looking skin!

Photography by Samantha May 
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