Spiced Pear and Blackberry Mulled Wine Recipe

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All Clad pans (so worth the investment!)// Irish Coffee Mugs (so cute for Holiday parties!) // Williams Sonoma Tea Towel // Wooden Spoon // Berry Crate

Oh mulled wine, how I’ve missed you.  There is nothing that screams the Holidays more than a spiced mulled wine to just warm you up.  Some may argue that eggnog is the quintessential holiday drink, but I’m going to say that mulled wine is mine.  Last year, I posted a recipe on my Instagram for a mulled wine recipe I found online and I received so many questions about the recipe, so this year I decided to spice things up a bit and make my own version.  I’m adding pears, vanilla, muddled blackberries, and my secret ingredient, Vermont maple syrup.  This Spiced Blackberry and Pear mulled wine recipe is sure to warm you up in an instant and have your house smelling cozy and homey!

I think one of the reasons I love mulled wine so much is because it reminds me of when Joey and I took our first trip to Europe for our first anniversary.  We were actually in Venice and were so exhausted, but there was just too much to explore down every alley and path that we couldn’t sleep!  We ventured off late at night, wandering around the maze-like road and taking in all the beautiful architecture.  We stumbled upon a little stand with seating around it.  It had heat lights over the seats and they were serving warm sangria.  How perfect was this on a chilly, October night?  We sat there and had great conversation listening to the group of Italians next to us laugh and have a great time.  We didn’t know what they were saying, but they were having fun and it was contagious.  Drinking this mulled wine just takes me right back to that night in Venice.  The spices from the anise, cloves, and cinnamon are what bring me right back to the Holiday season.

Warm yourself up with a seasonal Holiday drink!  If you try the recipe, let me know what you think!