Some Favorite Beauty Products Update + 5 Minute Make Up Routine

Recently, I’ve been getting quite a few compliments on my instastories about my skin lately.  This is typically followed up with the question of “What are you using?” I thought this would be a really good opportunity to give you my favorite beauty products update!  Recently, I’ve incorporated a few new products that I love and I have some oldie but goody items that I know aren’t going anywhere any time soon!

GUYS! It literally made my day when I received compliments on my skin a few weeks ago. THANK YOU- I honestly cannot even tell you how good this makes me feel because my skin has been so crazy since getting pregnant.  My hormones are still all out of wack because I’m still breastfeeding.  This also means there are certain products I cannot use, unfortunately.  (Adding a disclaimer- always, always talk to your doctor about products and their ingredients if you are unsure of what you can use during pregnancy/breastfeeding.)  I actually just took a bag full of things into my Doctor and was like, tell me what I can use and what I can’t!  She gladly looked over everything for me!

SO. Back to my current favorite beauty products:

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1. Chanel La Mousse Cleanser–  I actually resisted buying this for the longest time.  I’m not really sure why because the cost was about the same as other cleansers I’ve tried and didn’t love.  The reason I love this cleanser because I actually feel like my face is so clean from using it.  It has a really nice, mild scent that is so refreshing and clean.  I also use this with my Clarisonic spin brush!

2. Ole Henrickson Walnut Scrub– This is an oldie but goodie and I think it’s here to stay!  It’s a very gritty walnut scrub, which means I only use this about once a week.  It cleanses and exfoliates and just removes all that yucky dead skin!  My skin feels SO smooth after this. I also love the smell!

3. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask– I am OBSESSED.  This is ONE product I CANNOT live without these days.  I tried it and fell in love immediately.  I always use this mask as a follow up to the Ole Henrickson Walnut Scrub above and my skin is crazy soft and my foundation goes on SO SMOOTH.

I also actually use this mask every night before I got to bed and I wake up in the morning feeling like my face just took a giant drink of water!  THIS was the big difference in my skincare routine that has been saving my face the last few weeks.

4. Summer Fridays Overtime Mask/ Summer Fridays R + R Mask– With how much I loved the Jet Lag mask I had to try these two masks from Summer Fridays.  I’ve not been disappointed.  I use the overtime mask 1-2 times a week.  It’s not as gritty as the Ole Henrickson mask which means it’s more gentle on my skin and I can use it more frequently.

The R+R Mask smells heavenly and reminds me of Summer!  It really gives my skin an extra boost and extra glow that I need.  It typically leaves a little bit of the oil on your skin, so I simply massage it even more and it’s perfectly fine putting make up over it.

5. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum–  I LOVE this brand.  Everything that I’ve tried from Drunk Elephant so far has been nothing short of amazing.   It is a little pricier, but you only have one face so you have to take care of it.   The products are worth it.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to use ALL the products just yet because I am breastfeeding still, but my friend, Brianne wrote this full review on her favorite DE products and how it transformed her skin.  Basically, her skin is flawless now and I cannot wait to start using more products!  In the meantime – the c-firma day serum works to brighten and tighten my skin.  I put it on a clean face right before I moisturize.

6. Dr. Roebucks FACE–  After my dose of Vitamin C, I moisturize with this moisturizer.  It’s literally the best.  I’m so sad because they aren’t making it anymore.  They revamped it to this moisturizer and I actually tried it, but it’s not the same.  It’s still a good product, but once I finish my current stash I’m going to switch to this Drunk Elephant Moisturizer.

I am posted today on my instastories my 5 minute Make-Up Routine!  This routine is what I do pretty much every day so I can get out of the house quickly, but still look like I put myself together.  I actually did this routine before, but I completely forgot to save it for everyone and I keep getting requests to do another one!   (If you are reading this post at a later date you can check my “highlights” tab for Beauty on my Instagram to see the full, step by step video on @ashleypletch3) I thought it would be helpful to just link all of the products I used here in this blog post as well!

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  1. 1. Mac Paint Pot (Bare Study)- This is perfect for a good eyeshadow base to keep your shadow on longer or to just add some color to your lids.
  2. 2. Too Faced Neutrals Palette– Favorite colors ever!  Perfectly neutral for day and night. I’ve purchased this over and over again.
  3. 3. IT Cosmetics CC Cream– Super hydrating and the best coverage for a CC cream.
  4. 4. Mac Pro Longwear Concealer– Faithful user of this concealer.  It doesn’t crease and lasts all day.
  5. 5. Sonia Kashuk Brow Pencil- Love this pencil, but it’s no longer being sold.  I’m going to try this one next.
  6. 6. Hula Bronzer by Benefit–  This is the perfect shade of bronzer for so many skin types!  I love it so much!
  7. 7. Lancome Dual Wear Highlighter (Peche)– THE PRODUCT you want to buy.  I’ve tried SO many highlighters and this one, by FAR is the best.
  8. 8. L’oreal Double Extend Mascara– Obsessed with this- I only used the white part of this.  I add 2-3 layers  to help make my lashes look fuller and longer.
  9. 9. Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara– I apply this mascara on top of the Double Extend mascara- stays on so well!
  10. 10. Mac Fix +– The Finisher!  I spritz this on to help keep my makeup in place all day.