Share a Song with Coca-Cola + DIY

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Last Summer we were all smitten with the Coca-Cola™ campaign, “Share a Coke” with a friend.  This Summer we are going to rock out and reminisce to our favorite tunes by sharing  a song!

I actually love how much listening to a song can completely take you back to a different time in your life.  It could be that one summer of root beer floats and summer love or those high school days where you were living up Friday night football games, and of course, thinking about that gorgeous quarterback.    Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-18

Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-16 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-17 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-19 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-20 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-21 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-22 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-23 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-24

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During the Spring and Summer months I go immediately into craft mode!  I’m not sure what it is, but I suddenly want to get organized, clean everything, and make stuff!  I was totally inspired by all the mushy, love songs I found on the Coca-Cola bottles and cans.  What can I say?  I’m a hopeless romantic.  Giant Eagle had the best selection and variety of the songs on the Coca-Cola “Share A Coke and a Song” products, so I was able to find all of the lovey, dovey songs I needed there!

Not sure of a song on your Coca-Cola?  I just found the most amazing app called Shazam!  My friend, Ben, actually told me about it the other day because I called him wondering what a song was and he didn’t know!  Sure, enough, I found it with the app in less than 2 seconds!

Let’s get crafting!   Any time I’m making something for my home I really want it to have meaning and be important to us.  I took my inspiration from the love songs and I decided to Coca-Cola dye music sheets that I purchased to make them have an antique look.  I chose the lyrics to the song Joey and I danced to at our wedding.  It was “Bless the Broken Road.”  This song definitely carries me right back to our wedding day!  After 6 years of marriage, I remember it just like it was yesterday.  Not only was it a song that we danced our first dance to, but we have so many memories with this song like the time we were in college and ran outside in a torrential downpour just laughing and being silly.  This song was actually playing once we came back inside.  The meaning and the words also really spoke to us.  We couldn’t have chosen another one!

The first project this year was giving my mantle a nice refresh.  I had a few things thrown up there, but nothing that I really liked.  I wanted to go for more of a Fixer Upper style, so I knew antiquing some sheet paper would be perfect!  I used this method for all of my social studies fair projects in high school.  It was a huge hit! Once the paper is antiqued, I have a few different things I’m going to use it for like covering old books, but for this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make some cute, meaningful, vase filler.

What You Need:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Instant Espresso
  • Baking Pans
  • Favorite Sheet Music
  • Scissors/Cutting Board
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Vase(s) of choice

Coca-Cola-DIY-Ad-How-To-Home Decor-Coke-Share-a-Song

  1.  1.  Using several baking pans, pour a thin layer of Coca-Cola in each of the pans.


2.  Place one sheet paper in each of the pans, pressing down until it is fully covered in Coca-Cola and let soak until your desired darkness.  My music sheets soaked for about 4 hours.  (Tip: For some added darkness to random spots of the papers, I sprinkled over instant espresso.  I just let it dissolve where it wanted to.Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-8 3.   Once you reach your desired color very, very carefully take the pieces of paper out.  I found that it was easier to pull out the paper with the Coca-Cola still in the pan.


4.  Using a muffin tin or a drying rack, place the sheets on the rack to let dry.  Allow two hours for this.  You can also use a hair dryer on the cooler setting to help speed up this process.


5.  Once the drying begins, you may need to take a paper towel and gently dab some of the excess water.  (*DO NOT smear because the ink will definitely smear off the page!) Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-27

Before and After

What a huge difference it makes?  Definitely looks antique.  I love the way the paper crinkles up from being wet.  I think this adds to the nostalgia.

6.  I use a paper cutter, but scissors will work just as well.  Cut small strips, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide, but it doesn’t have to be precise.  Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-31 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-32 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-33

7.  Once your strips are cut, wrap a strip around an ink pen or pencil tightly.  Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-34 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-35

8.  Once it’s wrapped entirely around the pen, gently pull from the top so the paper creates a bouncy curly q, as I call them.  Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-36 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-37

9.  Repeat those steps until you have all of your strips curled.  Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-38

10.  Fill your vase of choice.  I chose four little vases and wanted to add yellow poppys in them to add a small pop of color.  Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-40

There are so many things you can do with sheet music and home decor!  I love that this one has a special place in our home and our hearts!
Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-41Putting up the finishing touches for our mantle! coca-cola-home-decor-diy-ad-share-a-song

Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-46 Coca-Cola-Ad-DIY-Home-Decor-Share-A-Song-Coke-47

Below is a before and after shot of the mantle!  What a huge difference it made!


All of this inspiration, from some of my favorite love songs!  Share a Coca-Cola and a Song that brings back some of your favorite memories!  Use #sharememories and tweet me @ashleypletch3!