Seasonal Clothing Storage: Basic Fall Items to Grab from Storage

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By September 1, it’s basically Fall right? My inner Basic girl is screaming to get out, so I thought it was necessary to go ahead and pull all the {basic} Fall things out of my Guardian Storage unit.  I’m packing up most of my Summer items and putting those in storage!  Although, last week we had some really cool mornings, but this week it’s totally back to 90 degree weather!  I’m not mad, but it’s why I’ll keep a few Summer Essentials out.

I’ve posted a few times about how helpful it is to have a Guardian Storage unit.  You can view some of those posts HERE, and HERE.  There are sooo many uses for having a storage unit.  They are not just for moving, like I originally thought!  I’ve found it most helpful to swap out the seasons, especially holiday decor and seasonal clothing storage.  It also helps keep me organized.  I like to pack everything in plastic tubs and label each one so it’s so easy for me to pull out exactly what I want during each swap. One of the key benefits for my forgetful mind, is that Guardian Storage is open 7 days a week so you can have full access to your belongings!  Everything is kept in very clean, climate controlled units that are secured with locks, surveillance, and gated entries!

Right now, it’s time to store all of the Summer things, so think patio furniture that you won’t want to be damaged during the winter, pool/beach items, summer clothes, etc.  I’m swapping these items for these Fall items (shortly followed by Holiday decor– you know they are sneaking upon us!)

1.  Oversized Sweater–  This one is currently 40% off right now and I know I’m going to wear it allll the time!  Give me all the oversized sweaters for Fall.  There is just something so cozy about snuggling in a cozy sweater whether it’s for errands, a date night, or even a night in!

2. Favorite Leggings– These leggings are by far my favorite pair of leggings!  I have several pairs of them, and they definitely get good use.

3. Ugg Boots- As if this is even a question.  Every basic girl NEEDS a pair of Ugg Boots.  As soon as Charlie actually starts keeping shoes on, I will be buying her a pair!  I love the Bailey Bow because it’s too darn cute.  These are so simple to slip on with a pair of leggings and head out the door!4.  Basic WhiteTee– I feel like I have a stack of white tees.  I love them- but since it’s legging season I opt for this basic white tee because it’s extra long which is perfect for leggings!  I also like to do a little side knot in the front!

5. Oversized Scarf– You cannot have too many scarves.  It’s not possible.  Plus it’s a fun accessory to to add to an outfit for a little extra pop of color or texture.  You can also find scarves at very reasonable prices so you can make an old outfit look new!  Not to mention there are 127849358349 ways to wear them!

6. Flannels- I love flannel shirts.  Except I’m that girl that looks like a lumberjack in them.  I have to be very careful what type of flannel I’m wearing.  Here are a few good options (minus the lumberjack)

7. Pumpkin Everything- Yes….. alll of the pumpkin things.  I look forward to indulging in the flavors Fall every year.  I’ve already purchased a large bag of pumpkin spice coffee, but I’m so looking forward to  some pumpkin roll, pumpkin spice cupcakes, pumpkin apple bread, and spiked cider!

8. Beanie– Necessary- especially for the dirty hair days.  I also love a good fedora.

9. Fall Decorations-  I’m beginning to really stock up on Fall decorations.  It’s honestly beginning to rival my Christmas decor.

10. Pumpkin Spice Latte-  Are you really basic if you don’t have at least one PSL during the Fall?  I also love the salted caramel mocha- Also… to make your day even better TODAY is the DAY the PSL is back for the season!! HAPPY DANCE!  Yes, I will have one and you know I’ll be posting it on social media!

Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh