Rose Napkin Fold Tutorial….

Today, I’m going to show you how to make a rose napkin fold just like the one I made in my sister in law’s Downton Abbey themed bridal shower over the weekend.  In case you missed all the darling details, you can view them here.  I’ve planned a few parties in my time and I’m learning the importance of having things that are cute, but still functional.  This rose napkin fold accomplishes both of those main points.  Here is how easy it is to make your own roses!
How To, Tutorial, Rose Napkin Fold


Step 1:  Lay a 20″ x 20″ napkin flat on the table.



Step 2: Bring the bottom corner up to meet the top corner by folding the napkin in half to look like a triangle like below.




Step 4:  Begin to fold from the bottom of the triangle about one inch at a time up to the very top of the triangle until it makes one strip like below.


Step 5: Keeping the strip flat, take one end and begin to roll it inward to the opposite side of the napkin.



Viola!  Once you reach the end, it will look like a darling rosette. 


Step 6: Place on the table, in a bowl, or in a tea/coffee cup for a cute decoration that is also functional.

IMG_3734Optional Step 7:  Add a small leaf or 2 for an additional touch.

See! It’s super easy, cute, and functional!  What else would you do with this little rosette napkin?