Nemacolin Woodlands Resort: A Luxurious Winter Getaway

I can think of a reason for every season why Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is the perfect getaway, but today I’m sharing our luxurious winter getaway with the girls!  Two weekends ago I took a little road trip to Farmington, PA (only about an hour and 15 minutes outside of Pittsburgh) with my favorite blogger friends, Zoë (Zoë with Love), Brianne, (Just a Girl Boss and No. 14 Boutique Owner), and Kim (Yes, Wear That!) It was exactly what I needed.  During the winter months, particularly after the holidays, I feel like I’m in need of a little retreat!  A place to relax and cozy up by the fire was certainly on my agenda for this winter.  Plus having some girl time is so necessary every now and again.

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort - Farmington, PA - Chateau Lafayette

Nemacolin boasts a grand entrance with their Chateau Lafayette building as you enter the resort.  The resort is made up of over 2,000 acres and many buildings and options on where to stay depending on your need.  Trust me there is something to do for the entire family (no matter what time of year it is).  We stayed in the Falling Rock location which has their own on site butlers who happily brought our luggage to our rooms and gave us the overview of the resort.  Also, included in your butler service is a bath menu where you arrange a time you want a bath drawn and the type of bath (ie: if you want a rose petal and lavender bath) and the butler will set it up while the water stays warm for up to two hours! (Talk about being pampered– Sign me up!!)

Speaking of being pampered, our first stop was the Woodlands Spa.  A girls trip is not a girls trip without a spa day.  It’s like a written code.

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort- Woodlands Spa - Luxury Resort

After an amazing 80 minute massage, the four of us retreated to the relaxation room where we cozied up on the lounge chairs by the fire. We were served hot tea and caught up on life before heading to dinner at Aqueous.  Dinner was so yummy we ended up doing brunch there as well!  I’ve been to Nemacolin one other time, and I had the opportunity to eat at some of the other restaurants which did not disappoint.   I still dream about this hamburger that was stacked with a potato cake on top that I ate last time!  If you are looking for more of an upscale dining experience, I would highly recommend Lautrec, a Five Diamond and Five Star restaurant.

Nemacolin Resort- Luxury Retreat- Luxury Spa Day
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort- The Falling Rock- Buttler Suites

This was the view from the room one morning.  It was breathtaking.  I could have sat out on the balcony for hours that day.  Luckily for us, it ended up being a rare 60 degrees that weekend!

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort - Luxury Weekend Getaway - Coffee in Bed

Grey Sweater // Aerie Shorts // Over the Knee Socks

The TRUE test of a resort is their coffee service, at least in my opinion, because you know how much of a coffee snob I am!  The Falling Rock location offers a morning service of coffee, tea, and of course, you can order to your room.  There was a slight miscommunication with my order and the butler team didn’t actually receive it.  They were very apologetic and happily made up for it by bringing me everything within 5 minutes of me notifying them of the issue.  They ended up comping my bagel, which I certainly didn’t expect, but I appreciated the customer service.  Even though it was something silly, it made me feel like they really cared, which goes a long way for me.

The coffee was perfectly hot well-balanced.  If I wouldn’t get shaky, I probably could have drank the whole pot!  I loved this service because there is nothing like a hot pot of freshly brewed coffee while you are on vacation.  It makes the trip feel very homey.

Falling Rock - Nemacolin Woodlands Resort - Butler Suites Nemacolin Woodlands Resort - Chateau Lafayette - Afternoon Tea

Be sure to sign up for afternoon tea in the Chateau tea lounge!  It’s absolutely stunning and the whole Chateau building is just worth seeing because every turn is something grand and gorgeous.   Nemacolin Woodlands Resort - Chateau Lafayette - Afternoon Tea - Luxury Winter GetawayNemacolin Woodlands Resort - Chateau Lafayette - Afternoon Tea - Luxury Getaway Nemacolin Woodlands Resort - Chateau Lafayette - Afternoon Tea - French Decor - Parisian

This was definitely the perfect, relaxing winter getaway for a girls trip.  Even if adventure is more of your thing,  Nemacolin has plenty of possibilities skiing/snowboarding, snow tubing, skeet shooting, off road jeeping, exploring wildlife in their zoo, and special activities just for the kiddos!

I’m very particular about where we stay and having worked in a service industry at some point in my life, I’m also really picky about service.  I can honestly tell you I was beyond impressed with the service.  It truly was above and beyond my expectations.  Would I go back?  100%.  I think you should, too!  Valentine’s Day is coming up and Nemacolin is running some current specials including a couples retreat!

**Thank you Nemacolin for partnering with us to provide this blog post!