My Honest Review of Our White Slipcovered Ikea Couch

I have to share my honest review of our white slipcovered Ikea Couch with you today!  Here is a little backstory.  Right after we had our daughter,  I decided it was the right time to buy a new couch.  I even went as far as buying a new, white couch.  I know, I know.  You are probably thinking I’m pretty crazy buying a white couch with a newborn who will definitely be a toddler and two dogs in the house.  Maybe you are even giving me “she will learn” look right now, but  flash forward to now, and it was the best decision I ever made.

My Honest Review of Our White Slipcovered Ikea Couch

I kind of thought I was crazy, too, if I’m being completely honest with you.   I searched and searched for the perfect white couch and I kept finding the prices ranged anywhere from $3,000 to upwards of $10,000!  Joey, especially, thought I was crazy and was not on board with my plan.   I knew the risk I was taking with a toddler, family, and two dogs buying a white couch, so I couldn’t bear to pay that kind of money for a white couch.

I ending up stumbling upon IKEA and wondered if they had any white couches.  Disclaimer:  I will be the first to admit that I love IKEA for some things but I usually don’t love it for furniture so I was extremely skeptical. However, I found a sectional sofa, EKTORP, for $899 with removable slipcovers in the bright white, Vittaryde white, that I was looking for.  A couch for under $1,000?  I immediately thought I could definitely get Joey on board with this, so I pitched it to him like it would be trial couch.  If it ends up a disaster, we will have learned our lesson and know not to ever buy a white couch again.   I even went as far as researching a company that does custom couch covers specifically for IKEA furniture called Bemz Designs.  Again, if the white is HORRIBLE we could replace the covers with a different, custom cover, for a reasonable price.  What is there to lose?

We absolutely love our couch and for the price both Joey and I have been extremely happy with it.  I do get a lot of questions about this couch which is why I put this post together!  Below are some frequently asked questions:

  1. 1. How do you keep your couch so white with dogs/toddler?  The best part about this couch is that it’s slipcovered.  I typically wash my couch covers once a month.  I spot clean with this cleaner as necessary and I use this detergent in the washer.  I leave out to dry. (DO NOT put in the dryer.)

2. Are the covers a pain to put on an off?  The short answer to this is no.   Do I LOVE taking all the covers off and putting them on no?  It is fairly easy, just a little work.  I DO LOVE the fact that I can actually clean my couch covers.  It’s kind of gross thinking about a couch and how much dirt, germs, and who knows what else gets on them, am I right?

3. What are the best tips for washing your covers?  See #1 TIP:  Never, ever dry your covers.  Always let them airdry. I typically put my covers back on while they are still damp.  This allows me to stretch them as needed and also allows for the wrinkles to come out.

4. Do you have to be super careful on your couch?  I’m the clumsiest person ever- I spill my coffee at least weekly.  The couch covers are textured and a material that seems to be mostly easy to get stains out of.  That’s not to say I have a pristine couch.  I just don’t stress that much because I know that I can buy replacement covers from BEMZ for a very reasonable amount if needed.  After almost 3 years, I still do not need to replace the covers and I don’t foresee needing to in a while.  I like to make my couch extra cozy naturally, so I have blankets on the sides which also help protect the couch.

All in all, I couldn’t be more happier with out Ikea EKTORP Couch!  Do you have any Ikea pieces that were an absolute win?  Let me know!


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