My Favorite Workout Programs to Utilize at Home #SocialDistancing

Favorite Workout Programs to Utilize at Home During #SocialDistancing

We’re all at home.  We’re probably close to losing our minds right about now. It’s okay- we WILL get through this.  I will admit, I’m not always positive Polly, but I’m definitely trying my best in these circumstances.  One thing that is always a stress reliever for me is working  out.  Boy, do I miss going to my gym and Orange Theory.  It is so good for your mind, your body, and your spirit. Exercise  is  an  integral  part of your overall fitness and can help boost your immune system, which is crucial  right  now.  workout programs to utilize at home I actually considered showing you all some of my home workouts that I’ve been doing at my house.  I’m still not ruling this idea out, but let me just say my first round of trying to record what I was going didn’t exactly go well.  I usually do home workouts in our basement, which is a dungeon.  I brought my workout upstairs which resulted in no room, awful angles, cutoff exercises, and lots of Wrigley and Charlie interruptions.  Honestly, I’m not giving up on them quite yet, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some of my favorite pros so you can get started on your home workouts.

workout programs to utilize at home1. Katy Hearn– I’ve been following Katy for years now.  In fact, I’m currently subscribed to her app. On the days I lift weights, I typically follow one of her workouts! In the past, I actually completed several of her 8 week workout challenges and saw really good results with her recommended macros/calculation. The app includes a free two week trial!

  1. 2. Beach Body–  I was introduced to the Beach Body world when I was in college and I started Mr. Tony Horton’s P90x.  I’ve always been pretty active, but that was the pivotal moment in my life where I really committed myself to incorporating an exercise routine.  I loved p90X and I ended up purchasing the second one as well.  I saw great results as well as my co workers (at my internship)!  Beach Body is offering  a two week trial right now for full access to all their workouts!

3. BBG App- BBG is another incredible workout app that offers a free trial.  The workouts are easy to follow and are only 28 minutes so you can maximize your day, but not forfeit a good sweat session.  There are programs for every level- whether you are a beginner or advanced.

4. Lauren Gores- You want to talk about body GOALS.  This mama is just THAT.  I’ve been following Lauren forever now and I absolutely adore her.  Recently, she started sharing some of her home workouts and they are SO GOOD.  The best part?  You can access them for free by following her on Instagram here!

5. Ashleigh Jordan– Another Instagram favorite!  Her booty is FIRE.  Ashleigh shares lots of good workouts, workout tips, and gives examples of what she’s eating in a day.  She focuses a lot on glutes, but also other areas as well!

6. Peloton-  I’ve heard such good things about the Peloton bikes.  Now, I will say this is not the most inexpensive option, but from what I’ve learned the bike has a cult following.  Everyone I know that owns one absolutely LOVES it.  If you aren’t into that kind of investment, I would suggest joining the Peloton community because they are offering 90 days free of workouts that include exercise programs without a bike!

7. Orange Theory Fitness- If you are a member of the OTF Fam you can actually access their in-home workouts from the app!

8. CoachErinDG– Speaking of OTF, Erin is one of my favorite gal’s from OTF!  I also used to take her yoga classes at Oxford Athletic Club. I LOVE her instagram for workout inspo, perfect form, and also some zen!  (Another person with major body goals!

These, my friends, are some great options right now!  Don’t get yourself in a slump and try one of these workout programs to utilize at home!

Photography by Julie Kahlbaugh