My Favorite Starbucks Coffee Order

So I have this blog called Afternoon Espresso.  Hi! Thank you for being here.  It would be really easy to assume I love coffee or at least espresso, even latte’s.   If you assumed this, that is 100% correct.  It’s me- I love coffee.  It’s literally my happy place in the morning.  I love to wake up in the morning and drink a hot cup of coffee in quiet to prepare myself for the day.  It’s kind of like my version of meditation.

My Favorite Starbucks Coffee Order- Ashley Pletcher Starbucks Drink - Cold Brew Coffee- Afternoon Espresso

I also love to have a pick me up in the afternoon- hence Afternoon Espresso.  When I was working in accounting the afternoon was so tough for me, I typically had to have a cup of coffee to grind through those excel spreadsheets. It was brutal.  The afternoon coffee has since carried over and I am no longer in accounting.  (I was when I started this blog 8 years ago!)  Has it really been that long?!  Anyway, all this to say- I actually hardly talk about coffee on here?!  WHY?! I have no idea why.  I wonder if people come here and assume its about coffee and then see nothing about coffee.

My Favorite Starbucks Coffee Order- Ashley Pletcher Starbucks Drink - Cold Brew Coffee- Coffee

Anyway- I decided to change this- starting TODAY.  I had an overwhelming request for my exact orders from Starbucks so I thought I’d share it here in this post.  I have another one that is going to be coming out soon because it’s very Valentine’s Day – like, but I’m going to start with my traditional order.  This is my Go-To coffee order and it never lets me down.  I actually thought I’d only drink it in the warmer months, but it is proving to be my favorite even in the winter.  I will warn you- it is a mouthful- but I’d suggest ordering on the app– it’s so much easier!

My Favorite Starbucks Coffee Order- Ashley Pletcher Starbucks Drink - Cold Brew Coffee- Starbucks Coffee- Cold Brew

My Favorite Starbucks Coffee Order

Grande Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew 

1 Pump of Caramel in the cup- this is key!

Starbucks normally puts 4 pumps of syrup and it’s just way too sweet for me- You can do customize syrups with any of your orders.  It’s an easy way to reduce sugar and lower calories.  I read an article that said each pump of syrup is roughly 20 calories.  If that is correct, this drink 230 calories, regularly would come down to roughly 170 calories just by reducing the syrup.

This drink is heavenly and I’m not kidding once you have one you won’t go back.  The Cold Foam on top is so good. I mean so GOOD.  I try my hardest to not eat it all because it is made with heavy cream and does have some sugar- but somedays I just do.  Balance, right?

Anyway, stay tuned for the order I always get during Valentine’s Day!   I’d love to hear what your favorite drink at Starbucks is!  Let me know!