A Mom’s Best Friend: The Tech21 Antimicrobial Phone Case

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Tech21- Iphone Case- Antimicrobial Phone Case- Busy Mom

I think I found my new best friend: Tech21 Antimicrobial phone cases and you need one.  Here is why. Have you ever taken a moment to think about how many germs and how dirty your phone actually is?  Ew. I’ll even say it again Ew. You sit your phone down on random places, counters, floors, public diaper changing tables and then you put it up to your face and talk on it.  I have obviously thought about this in depth.  I’m totally the person that doesn’t leave the house without 5 bottles of hand sanitizer and Wet Wipes.  Yes, I use wet wipes after touching a menu.  Yes, I wipe the table down at restaurants and that cart at Target.  That’s me and I have no shame in my anti germ game.

Tech21- Iphone Case- Antimicrobial Phone Case-

You can imagine my excitement when I discovered Tech21 Antimicrobial phone case lineTech21 I could hug you right now.  This phone case is extremely durable protecting your phone from drop after drop, even from up to 8 feet, which is key when Charlie grabs my phone and tosses it randomly!  The best part about the case is that it is made with a built in anti-microbial protection reducing microbes by up to 99.99%, which helps keep your phone hygienically clean.  Say what?!

Tech21- Iphone Case- Antimicrobial Phone Case- Mom Life- Mom and Daughter Work Day

As a mom of a toddler, I feel like this phone case is life changing.  In fact, just the other day I was changing my daughter on one of the changing tables at the store.  Naturally, I ended up wiping down the changing table, but Charlie was basically flailing her arms and legs around and I was wrestling an an alligator.  We are in the phase right now where she thinks it’s hilarious to make diaper changing as complicated as possible.  Anyway, my phone went flying off the changing table and onto the floor- I was relieved because my phone was protected by my Tech21 case and double relieved that my case is protected from all the germs on that bathroom floor.

Tech21- Iphone Case- Antimicrobial Phone Case- Multitasking Mom - Working Mom

Tech21- Iphone Case- Antimicrobial Phone Case- Germ Experiment

Tech21 actually provided a germ kit so I could test the germs on my old phone case.  It made for a fun experiment with Charlie.  Honestly, it completely confirmed the necessity for me to own an antimicrobial phone case going forward (yuck!).  Tech21- Iphone Case- Antimicrobial Phone Case- Germ Experiment

Tech21- Iphone Case- Antimicrobial Phone Case

Tech21- Iphone Case- Antimicrobial Phone Case- Mom and Daughter

The phone case comes in several different trendy colors and can accommodate several styles and brands of phones.  If I haven’t already convinced you yet, I’d be shocked, BUT Tech21 was so kind to offer a 10% discount off your order.

Tech21- Iphone Case- Antimicrobial Phone Case- Mom Life

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