How to Keep Your skin Hydrated and Glowing this Winter with Beautycounter

One of the things I dread most about winter is dry skin and dry hair. Who am I kidding? I dread a lot of things about winter, but I at least have a resolution for dry skin so I’m sharing my winter skincare routine with my favorite Beautycounter products.  (Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post- I just really love these products so I HAD to share them with you).

I was introduced to Beautycounter probably last Spring and I’ve been hooked ever since.  The products are all natural and carefully chosen, avoiding harmful chemicals from the “never list” of items you should really try to always avoid. I always hesitate when someone has a product that is “all natural” for fear of it being terrible or smelling funny.  Truthfully, I try to be mindful about what I use on my body and put into my body, but I am human, and I want products that are good quality and do what they say they will do.   I may not use EVERYthing all natural and organic, but I do my best where I can.  This is especially important for me right now with Baby P on the way!

Since the Spring, I’ve been slowly purchasing new items to try as some of my old ones are starting to run out and I have NOT been disappointed.  Today, I want to share some of my favorites that have now become my tried and true go to’s.  These five items have really helped me maintain hydrated and glowing skin this winter.

1. Cleansing Balm– 

The Beautycounter Cleansing Balm is, hands down, my favorite product from BC.  It’s super hydrating to your face and so easy to use.  You know when you are washing your face at night before bed, splashing water up on your face and then suddenly it’s all running down your arms and on your pajamas? You completely avoid that.

How to Use:  Scoop a little bit of the balm onto your hand.  Gently rub on your face.  Using a damn, soft wash cloth wipe away the balm and all your make up ends up on that wash cloth!  It’s so easy and involves less mess and splash!

Bonus:  After cleansing you can add a very thing layer on your face to use as a hydrating night mask. You’ll wake up in the morning with perfectly hydrated and flowing skin!

2. Nourishing Day Cream

The Nourishing Day Cream is just a classic cream to wear on your face during the day.  It’s moisturizing and light, which is perfect to put on right before applying make-up.

How to Use:  Apply first thing in the morning after waking up!

Bonus:  See the Hyrdrating Face Oil for an extra bonus ^^

3. Hydrating Face Oil-

You can certainly opt to purchase the Night Cream.  I haven’t yet, but I plan on it for the Spring and Summer.  For now, I’m combining a small drop of this Hydrating Face Oil with my Nourishing Day Cream just before going to bed to get that extra moisturizer that I need over night.  This is an oil, which is why I apply it at night.  This oil is absorbed into your skin leaving your skin feeling moisturized and allows you to get that added glow we all want!

Bonus:  Because these oils are pure oils, they won’t sit on top of your skin.  They actually get absorbed, making this face oil perfect for ANY skin type.

4. Nourishing Rosewater Mist

This is the one product I do not leave my house without, especially when traveling.  I will also say that it’s definitely Wrigley’s favorite product, too!  That little dog loves the smell of roses!  It’s the funniest thing.  Every time I have this on my face he is non stop sniffing my face and trying to give me kisses!

This spray is the perfect addition to help keeping your face moisturized and glowing throughout your day.  Keep it handy in your purse for an afternoon pick me up!  I never travel without this spray.  Flying really takes the hydration out of your body, so I spray it on several times on a trip to feel and look more refreshed.

Bonus: The Nourishing Rosewater Mist makes for the perfect make up setting spray!  After applying make up, hold 6 inches away from the face and spray generously!

5. Beautycounter Lip Conditioner

There is not a single night that I don’t apply this lip conditioner!  In general, you should really apply something on your lips every night to keep them hydrated.  (More hydration = Less wrinkles) I love the peppermint the best because it gives off this minty cool feeling on your lips you get right after applying it!

There are too may lip balms on the market these days that claim to be natural, but actually have toxic ingredients in them like petroleum.

Those are my secrets to staying hydrating all winter long!  Do you have any winter hydrating secrets? I’d love to hear them! Comment below!