How to Curl Your Hair in 10 Minutes or Less

how to curl your hairIt’s video day and today I’m showing you how to curl your hair in 10 minutes or less.  It’s super easy and super quick!  (P.S. You know you are a fan of the show Fixer Upper when you hear “It’s video Day” and automatically think…”It’s Demo Day!!”   Not only is demo day one of Chip Gaines’ favorite days, but it’s Joey’s favorite saying.  I seriously adore that couple!  If you haven’t seen Fixer Upper… Well…  you should!  Anyway…Back to hair styling.

How to curl your hair how to curl your hairI honestly think the key to my curls is the Hot Tools curling iron I’ve been using since high school.  It’s tried and true and $40.  I’ve only ever deviated away from Hot Tools one time and immediately returned that curling iron. I use the 1 and 1/4 inch size.   This is my second one I’ve owned.  Well, I have another one that is a smaller size, but I just meant I only had to replace the one I had in high school one time.  I love the 1 and 1/4 inch size because, to me, it is the most versatile size.   The first one lasted me for 8 years.

Video by Samantha May