How to Create a Stress Free Baby Registry with Gugu Guru

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It’s time for another Mommy Monday post and I’m going to be talking about how to create a stress free baby registry with Gugu Guru!  Stress free baby registry?  Is that even possible?  I honestly didn’t think it was when I started out on my registry journey.  In fact, I spent hours upon hours researching items before I came across Gugu Guru.  I mean, how am I supposed to know exactly what a Baby P needs?  Sure there are lists out there and you can always ask your friends, but you can easily get a little carried away with having way too much these days.  There are so many little gadgets and tech items claiming to make your lives so much easier, it’s really difficult to filter out what you need versus what you don’t need.  I was really becoming overwhelmed (Me, overwhelmed? Imagine that!)

Gugu Guru

This is my “Ahhhhh” moment where I found Gugu Guru, a stress free baby registry site that makes personalized registry item suggestions based on your personal style!  You start off by taking a small quiz with very basic questions like “Do you want to breastfeed or bottle feed?  Do you want to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers?”  The system takes your answers and creates the perfect registry with the latest in baby essentials for your lifestyle needs.  I don’t know how much more stress free a baby registry can be than that!

Gugu Concierge

In addition to the personalized registry suggestions you can sign up for a Gugu Concierge package where you can have a personal baby concierge walk you through all of your baby needs and even review your registry items.  It’s kind of like having a baby planner.  You remember how relieved your were that you spent the money on a wedding planner right?  Think the same thing here!

Register Anywhere With Gugu Guru

Before I share some of the amazing picks Gugu Guru helped me out with, I have one last point to make about this stress free baby registry.  You can registry anywhere.  Long are the days where you have to go into 3 different stores, take a scanner and scan the items you want because one store doesn’t sell this brand or that brand or doesn’t have the color you want.  You can virtually register anywhere!  Amazon? Yes!  Pottery Barn Kids? Yes!  Nordstrom? Yes!

1.Simply Choose a product you want to register for on any website.

2. Access the popup from your registry in Gugu Guru and click “Let’s do this!”

3. Copy/paste product URL in the box.  Click Add to Registry.

4. Review relevant information.  Click Save & Continue!  Viola!

It’s that simple!  One registry.  Everything you need.  100% stress free!

   Onto some of the suggestions to my registry.  The thing I loved most, is that Gugu Guru knows brands I hadn’t even heard of!  It’s not because these brands aren’t popular, it’s because I’m new to the baby world so I’m very unfamiliar!  Below are some products that were sent to me that I believe are going to be a life saver!

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Bra Pads c/o // Boob Ease Organize Nipple Balm c/o // Boob Ease Oraganic Pumping Lubricant  c/o // Nursing Shaw c/o

This onesie has little magnets instead of zippers or snaps for those late night wake up calls! SO EXCITED about this!

Magnificent Baby Onesie c/o

Skip + Hop Portable Changing Pad c/o

Babyganics gift set c/o

the original Milestone Baby Cards c/o

These cards are just too precious!  They have all the firsts for the first year of baby! It actually made me tear up thinking about some of the things like baby’s first tooth!  It’s already flying by!

4moms mamaRoo c/o // Ollie Swaddle c/o

Even Bentley loves this one!  I’ve heard such amazing things about the mamaRoo that I cannot wait to try it out! Fun fact- they are a Pittsburgh based company, too!

Como Tomo Bottle Starter Kit c/o

Solly Baby Wrap c/o

Of course, Bentley and Wrigley had to get in on the action here! I think they are very excited to be big brothers!  Once Baby P gets here, I’m going to be doing a full review of all of my favorite items from the registry once I get to actually put them in action!  Be sure to look out for that in a few months!

Comment below with some of your MUST HAVES for baby!