Holiday Sephora Beauty Insider Event + Giveaway!

I don’t know about you but as soon as Halloween ended, everything blew up with Christmas!  Target was even playing Holiday music.  Too soon for some, not soon enough for others!  No matter which side you are on there are some perks to it all starting early like the Sephora Holiday Beauty Insider Event.  I always use this time to stock up on some my favorite beauty products, start my holiday shopping, and I may even buy something new for myself!  As an extra bonus, there is a chance to win a $1,000 Amazon gift card below!

Holiday Sephora Beauty Insider Event Details:

Sephora Holiday Beauty Inside Event

  1. 1. T3 Whirl Trio  This is the time to purchase one of those higher priced items you may have had your eye on.  I bought my T3 Whirl Trio a few years ago during a sale, and it has been worth every single penny!  The reason I love this curling iron so much because I feel like it actually curls my hair well and comes with 3 detachable wands for different types of curls.  I also purchased this 1″ barrel , which is what I use 90% of the time!

2. BB Thickening Spray– I have honestly been living for this spray!  I showed it on instastories a while back, but it gives the BEST volume!  I’ve tried tons of products over the year for root volume and none last through the day like the BB Thickening spray!  I usually spray some at the root and then I use this teasing brush to get some umph at my roots that lasts all day!

3. SuperGoop Glow Pros Kit – I love this holiday gift set because it comes with all of my favorite products from SuperGoop! I started using some  these products at the beginning of the year and I haven’t stopped!  I use this sunscreen daily before I put on my makeup.  It hydrates and protects my skin from the sun!  I also use this glow stick and this lip gloss when I know I’m going to be in the sun all day!

4. Alterna Caviar Hydrating Duo  This is another pricier item, but I honestly believe this shampoo changed my hair in the best way!  I only buy this when it’s a duo pack and on sale because it’s not inexpensive, but if you have dry or damaged hair, trust me it’s worth it!  Now, I’m alternating this shampoo with the NavyCare shampoo for an extra boost of vitamins!

5. IGK First Class- This is THE BEST dry shampoo I’ve found.  Trust me, I’ve tried a ton because I use dry shampoo on the regular.  My hair tends to be more on the dry side so I go a few days in between washes.  This dry shampoo helps give my hair a little bit more life so I can extend my shampoos!

6. Sephora Collection Brushes– I LOVE Sephora brushes because they are usually very affordable and good quality!  Always what I’m looking for!

7. Summer Fridays Holiday Gift Set- Honestly, I’ve talked about Summer Fridays so much you might even be sick of me talking about it, but I. LOVE. IT.  This gift set is a really great price to get to sample my favorite Summer Fridays masks.  If you only want ONE mask, I recommend the Jet Lag mask– It is one I cannot live without.  It’s like a glass of water for my face, but I do love the other two pretty close behind the Jet Lag mask.  I also recently started using the Summer Fridays CC Me.  I like it a lot, I don’t LOVE the smell though.

8. Sephora Vitamin C Serum Since I mentioned Vitamin C above, I actually tested a few Sephora Brand items out recently, and one that I really like is the Vitamin C serum.  It’s affordable and makes my face seem brighter and fresher.

9. Sephora Nourishing Moisturizer– I have been on the hunt recently for a good moisturizer since my tried and true is no longer being made, sadly.  So far this moisturizer is doing its job.  We aren’t in the dead of winter when my skin is at it’s driest, but so far I like this one- I’ll be purchasing another during the sale!

10. Too Faced Christmas Cookie-  You all know how much I love my Too Faced Naturals palette- LOVE it.  I thought this Holiday Gift set would be so cute and a great addition to my holiday make up!

11. PTR Lactic Pore Treatment- I’ve heard really good things about this product, so I’m trying this one out for the first time!  Let me know if you’ve tried it!

12. Farsali Skin Mist- I haven’t found a setting spray that I am obsessed with, so I’m trying this one out!

13. Nars Orgasm Gift Set– This is such an all around, perfect color.  I always keep this cheek color in stock when I need to make myself look a little brighter and lively in the winter months!

14. Ouai Memory Mist–  Why do I like the pricey items?  Honestly, this bottle does last forever and it’s worth it so I stock up with there is a sale.  The Memory Mist protects my hair from heat and also helps keep the curl! I actually did a test one day using this mist on one side and not on the other- the curls without the mist almost instantly fell out.  THAT is how much of a difference it’s made.

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