Holiday Brunch…

Doing a holiday brunch is really starting to become a tradition that I  I will continue on each year.  The Fall brunch was such a huge sucess, I really wanted to a Christmas one, but I just didn’t know how in the world I was going to fit it into my schedule.  Luckily, my friend, Danielle, offered to co-host one with me!  We originally were going to make it an all girls brunch, but a few people couldn’t come, so we invited the guys anyway!  I’m so glad we did because we had so much fun!     Holiday-Brunch-Christmas-Foodie-Recipes-Blogger (2 of 3)

I thought that adding some garland to the chandelier would be a fun, festive way to bring in some greenery!  I’ve become obsessed with greenery this year.  This one is actually faux, but the rest of the house has real.  I love the fresh fragrance real greenery gives off.  It actually last for a few weeks inside, too!  Joann Fabrics has the best faux greenery I’ve seen, though.  Holiday-Brunch-Christmas-Foodie-Recipes-Blogger (1 of 1)-2

The perfect table setting starts with a charger, dinner plate, napkin, and salad plate.  I always stick with basic white servingware and dinner plates because they go with everything and will never go out of style!  I love Pottery Barn for good quality dinner ware, but I usually go to TJ Maxx for my servingware!

I like to add color or design with the napkin and/or the salad plate.  I purchased these salad plates last year from Target, so my pop of color and design is within the napkin.  It’s really fun to do different things with the napkins.  Pinterest has so many nifty little ideas.  You will see what Danielle and I came up with below.  Holiday-Brunch-Christmas-Foodie-Recipes-Blogger (1 of 3)

The plaid and the greenery a rustic feel to the brunch, but the metallic antlers (faux) still give it an elegant vibe, which is what I’m always going for: casual elegance.  Holiday-Brunch-Christmas-Foodie-Recipes-Blogger (3 of 3)This is such an easy and inexpensive way to utilize things that you probably buy anyway.  The glass jars, I have around the house all year long!

Holiday-Brunch-Christmas-Foodie-Recipes-Blogger (1 of 11)

You can’t have a brunch without a hot cocoa bar.  This time of year, I always indulge in the fudge pirouettes, which make for the perfect little stirring utinsel!

Holiday-Brunch-Christmas-Foodie-Recipes-Blogger (3 of 11)

Here is what we did with the napkins.  Each person had their own setting with their name attached to a pine cone.  I used my handy, dandy Cricut cutting machine.  If you are crafty and you don’t have one.. you NEED one.  I love fragrant accents, so we added some rosemary to continue on with the rustic elegant theme.

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Danielle made the most amazing homemade toffee for the little thank you gifts!  I thought it was a cute idea to put them in these boxes!  I’m going to have to steal her recipe….


Holiday-Brunch-Christmas-Foodie-Recipes-Blogger (6 of 11)

Holiday-Brunch-Christmas-Foodie-Recipes-Blogger (7 of 11)

Obviously, we cannot have a brunch without a fruit arrangement shaped like a Christmas tree!!  People are very impressed if you make your own “Edible Arrangement”.

Holiday-Brunch-Christmas-Foodie-Recipes-Blogger (8 of 11)

Another version of an edible arrangement… a Caprese Wreath.

Holiday-Brunch-Christmas-Foodie-Recipes-Blogger (10 of 11)

This little wreath here is a real wreath that I learned how to make in at the Farmer’s Daughter!  They offer classes throughout the year and I’ve taken two so far and I’m obsessed.

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