Helicopter Tour with Air Maui

Who knew flying in a helicopter would be one of my favorite life experiences so far?! During our stay in Hawaii, we had the opportunity to fly the beautiful skies a way I’ve never flown before with Air Maui!  This helicopter tour honestly was the highlight of our trip and one of the most unique adventures we’ve ever had before!

I really wanted to share some of this amazing experience with you guys so I put together a short video!  I hope you enjoy it! Air Maui-Helicopter-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-1

In case you aren’t aware, I have a fear of flying.  I know… You are probably like, how do you travel so much?  Lots of stress and anxiety that’s how.  I was actually very nervous about getting in a helicopter for the first time.  The ladies at Air Maui really helped ease my concerns  and were so kind and patient to answer any questions I had.  The whole process was extremely smooth and professional from our arrival, quick check in, detailed safety instructions, and flying preparation.    Air Maui-Helicopter-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-2Air Maui-Helicopter-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-3-2 Air Maui-Helicopter-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-2-2 Air Maui-Helicopter-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-4-2

Our pilot, Dylan, was fantastic.  He was so calm about the flight (which helped me also). You could tell he really enjoyed his job!  I mean, I would enjoy my job if I flew a helicopter over the islands around Maui, too!  He would chime in and give us tidbits of information of everything we were flying over, but when he wasn’t speaking we had the best playlist of songs to listen to during the flight! Air Maui-Helicopter-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-1-2 copy

As you can tell from the video above the views were absolutely stunning.  We took the West Maui and Molokai tour this flight.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but when we flew into the air I was in complete awe of the surroundings.  We flew past beautiful natural, waterfalls and over the largest seacliffs in the world on Molokai.  Dylan also took us through a very old crater that formed years ago that is now overgrown with beautiful greenery.
Air Maui-Helicopter-Maui-Vacation-Travel-Hawaii-Blogger-4

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Thank you so much Air Maui for letting us fly with you and for such a memorable experience!