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Party dance!  It’s Friiiiday!!!!  Today, I’m teaming up with Madison Reed to bring you some of my tried and true hair care do’s and don’ts!  Let’s face it, we all put our hair through a lot of torture whether we are coloring it, using super high temperatures to curl, straighten, or even blow dry.

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 I actually get a lot of questions about hair care and how to do my hair.  You are in luck because my BFF is a hairstylist so whenever I have a question about something, she is always my go to and always know the latest!  Hopefully this answers some of your questions because we all need to know how to nurture our hair.

  Let’s get started…

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1.DO use  Deep Conditioner Weekly–  I highly recommend deep conditioning your hair on a weekly basis.  In the winter time I actually deep condition twice a week to lock in moisture.  I have such dry skin and hair during the winter months, so this is crucial for me.

  Why we do this?  Deep conditioning locks moisture in your hair to help keep it smooth, shinier, and prevent from further damaging.  It also helps prevent frizzy ends and keeps your strands stronger which, believe it or not, also helps your color last longer.

Process-  Shampoo your hair like you normally would.  I used Pureology hydrate.  ( I try to choose products that are sulfate free.)  Wring out some of water and massage a good deep conditioner.  The BEST product I’ve ever used is It’s a 10 Keratin treament.  Worth it.  I usually toss my hair in a bun and leave the conditioner in for about 5-10 minutes.  Rinse and voila!  The key is to do this at least weekly so your hair gets that continual dose of moisture in addition to your normal coditioner.  ( I use Pureology Conditioner)

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Pureology hydrate Shampoo

Hair-Care-Beauty-Tips-Afternoon-Espresso-Blogger-Hair Care (1 of 1)-2

It’s a 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner

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After I towel dry for a few minutes (It’s not necessary.. I just use my towel to hold my hair back to do my make up)

2. DO use a Detangling Spray – By using a detangling spray you are adding another layer of moisture and proection to your hair before blow drying.   It also does the obvious… detangles, which helps proect your hair from damage even before you comb your hair.

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I use Paul Mitchell Awaphui Moisture Mist

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3.DO use a Wide Tooth Comb–  This step is pretty important because your hair is most fragile when it is wet so it’s crucial to be gentle and avoid using force.  You can get a wide tooth comb for $2-3 pretty much anywhere.  The key to this step is start combing from the bottom of your hair and work your way up to your roots.

DON’T use a brush.  I know the brush is so tempting to use because it can be done so quickly.  Save the strands, use a wide tooth comb.  You can literally be pulling out your hair or breaking it if you use a fine tooth comb or brush.  

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Conaire Wide Tooth CombHair-Care-Beauty-Tips-Afternoon-Espresso-Blogger-Hair Care (6 of 21)Hair-Care-Beauty-Tips-Afternoon-Espresso-Blogger-Hair Care (14 of 21)

4. Blow Drying–  This step is pretty damaging to your hair.  As much as I would love to let my hair air dry everyday, it’s just not feasble most of the time.  (I do take advantage of it in the summer though!).  The hair dryer debate has been on my research radar lately.  Is it worth spending the money on a hair dryer?  I actually have a lot to say about this, so I’m going to save that for another post.

DON’T use super high heat.  This will fry your hair.  Try to find a dryer with multiple temperature settings.
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I’m currently using the Ultra Chi hair dryer from Ulta.  This baby was originally $149 and is currently on sale for $89.  Hair-Care-Beauty-Tips-Afternoon-Espresso-Blogger-Hair Care (9 of 21)

Process- I typically start by standing up to get my hair moving.  To add volume to my roots my head is flipped upside down for most of the dry time.   If you are one of those people that use a round brush… I don’t like you.  Seriously though.. LUCKY you! I’m not coordinated.  It’s actually during the blow drying phase that I wish I had my stylist to do a nice blow out.  Well, since that can’t happen, this is how I obtain volume.

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Once my hair is mostly dry, I do a little flip back up (it’s kind of fun). Hair-Care-Beauty-Tips-Afternoon-Espresso-Blogger-Hair Care (12 of 21)

To ensure smooth strands, I’ll using my hands and run through the top of my hair while still drying.  Hair-Care-Beauty-Tips-Afternoon-Espresso-Blogger-Hair Care (13 of 21)

5.  DO use a Serum-  Once your hair is dry, take about a nickel size drop of a good serum.  I use Paul Mitchell Awhapui.  (It has a nice ginger smell, which reminds me of the spa).  This adds another layer of protection before curling or straightening your hair.

DON’T put too much serum or you will have super oily hair.  You also don’t want to put the serum near your roots.   Start from the mid shaft down for best results.
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A little recap here… moisture, moisture, moisture, protect, protect.  By following these steps you will help preserve your gorgeous locks for years to come!

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Now if only we were lucky enough to have beautiful, naturally wavy hair like Wrigley.

What are your hair care secrets!?  Tweet me @ashleypletch3!

Have a wonderful weekend!