The Perfect Pair: Getting Matchy Matchy with this Gingham Matching Set

I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.  Yes, that means I can join in on this matching set trend, even when it involves a crop top.  I’m being a little modest since the pants are high waisted and I also have a short torso.  By definition it’s a crop top, but I’m not baring it all!  I’m slowly, but surely starting to get myself back.  I definitely still have some work to do on my body (and honestly, i’m not sure some parts will go entirely back to “normal”) but I’m proud of how far I’ve come! The one thing I do keep reminding myself is, it took me 9 months to get this way, it’s going to take that (and more) to get back to how I was.  Anyway- that’s a whole different post!  Let’s talk about this adorable outfit!

I’ve been seeing this matching set trend everywhere!  I’m totally into it.  On one hand it makes picking out an outfit really easy (ha!), but I like getting matchy, matchy.  Of course, there are many versions of it, some that don’t involve a crop top, but if you are thinking about it. I say go for it!  I had a friend say she had been so nervous to wear one and she finally bought her first crop top, matching set!

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Gingham Matching Set (Comes in Blue Also!) // Favorite Denim Jacket (Under $40!) // Shoes (On sale!) // Circle Bag (Budget Friendly Version) // White Sunnies

The second I saw this outfit I could not pass it up.  How precious is this gingham and pink!?  Get ready, because I’ve been stocking up on gingham and you know how much I love it!  I’ve also been wearing this pink circle bag non stop.  You can see this post here talking about why it’s the IT Bag of the season!  Trust me, it really is! If you are in the market for a pair of nude heels, these beauties are currently 35% off, so I would definitely snag a pair before they sell out!

Photography by Samantha May