English Factory Off the Shoulder Blouse + Bumpdate 19 Weeks

Eeeek!  You guys this is my first official Bumpdate post after announcing that we are expecting our first little baby!  (You can view the full announcement here).  I felt like it was only fitting to start this bumpdate off with the cutest English Factory off the shoulder blouse because I have a feeling these tops are going to get me through this pregnancy!  It’s not surprise I love off the shoulder anything, but they are also super flattering.  I’ve found that most of the time they are long enough to wear over my rapidly growing bump!  Speaking of that bump, I thought today would be the perfect day to answer some of the most common questions I’ve gotten so far since being pregnant and to share a little bit about how this pregnancy is going.

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Other Favorites By English Factory

1. When is your due date?

Baby P is due August 18th, 2017!  We just had our anatomy scan ultrasound last Friday and we are measuring right at 19 weeks.  Baby P is 10 ounces!

2. How are you feeling? 

I’m feeling pretty good now!  I’m starting to get back my energy and I’m eating “normal” again.   The first 16 weeks or so I was extremely tired.  It was like a tired I never experienced before.  I thought that I would be able to just work through it, but I was definitely wrong.  I had to take a nap.  I quickly realized, my body needed this rest so I needed to let it rest.  After all, there is a little human growing in there!

In addition to being tired, I started feeling nauseous.  It wasn’t morning sickness, but rather than 2 pm nausea.  It would stop me right in my tracks.  The only thing that would help, would be taking a nap or just laying down.  Even then it didn’t really help resolve it, it just made it more manageable.  I would sip on some ginger ale and just try to relax until it went away, which usually didn’t happen until before bedtime.  I also had a few food aversions.  There was nothing really specific that I didn’t want consistently, it just depended on the day.  It was soo difficult deciding on what to eat each meal because nothing ever sounded good except for some sort of carb, which I usually don’t eat many of to begin with!  There may have been a time or two I had Ramen Noodles for breakfast.  No judging, I needed something.

Truly, I can’t complain.  I’ve heard horror stories about the first trimester, so I’m beyond grateful we made it through, and everyone is healthy!  It probably also helps that prior to going into being pregnant, I literally thought pregnancy had “doom” written all over it.  I expressed in our baby announcement post my reservations about having children, and being pregnant just seemed like the most miserable time ever.  I will be honest, it’s not exactly something I will say that is “FUN”.  I’m not sure that I will ever be one that says, “I LOVED being pregnant,” but I will say that, although it’s been challenging at times, it’s an exciting time.  It’s pretty incredible what your body is doing each week and to know your have this beautiful gift in there, it gets me through the tough parts.

3. How did you tell Joey?

This was one thing I knew I really wanted to surprise Joey with.  He has been so ready to have children for the longest time and I wanted to make this really special for him.  I had a feeling I was pregnant so I decided to take a pregnancy test one Saturday morning, while Joey was still sleeping.  (I wake up way to early).  I actually sat the test down and totally forgot about it.  An hour or so later I came upstairs and thought, “Oh”.  I picked it up and was about to throw it out until I noticed the second faint line.  My initial thought was, “oh my gosh!  What do I do?!”  Which lead to panic, “WHAT DO I DO!? I’m not ready!”  I finally calmed myself down and came to my senses.  Joey finally woke up and I hid the test in the cabinet because I needed to think of something special for him.  Until then, we went on with our normal Saturday.

We went to Orange Theory for a workout, did lunch, and came home to get ready for some errands.  We went to the mall and while we were there I snuck into Janie and Jack to buy some baby booties and a stuffed animal.  I found these cute little initials at Pottery Barn and thought that would be so cute to hang on a stocking, since I knew we were decorating later.

We head home (meanwhile I’m thinking, “I can’t believe I’m pregnant!”) It was killing me not telling Joey yet! I just wanted to burst and tell him, but I was on a mission to make this special.  We started decorating for Christmas the second we got home.  I was working on the fireplace and Joey was working on the tree.   He went into the basement to grab some more decorations so I finished up the mantle by hanging 3 stockings with the initials “A” on one, “J” on another, and “B” on the third.  Joey came up the stairs, unobservant, so I asked him what he thought of the mantle.  His response was the norm, “It looks nice.”  Then he paused and said… “B.  Why did you get a B for Bentley and not one for Wrigley?”  I told him that it wasn’t for Bentley and he should look inside.  He looked back at me with such a peculiar face and then went to open it.  He pulled out the positive pregnancy test wrapped in a bow and the stuffed animals.  He turned to me with tears filling his eyes and asked me if it was real.  I said, “yes” and gave him the biggest hug ever.  I’ll never forget that moment in our life and the look in his face when turned back around.  It will forever stay in my heart.


4. Do you know what you are having?

We dooooooo……. You’ll find out in the next coming weeks with a fun gender reveal!

5. How is Baby P doing?

Baby P is doing well!  We just had our anatomy scan last Friday.  Baby P is measuring right at 19 weeks and is 10 oz. right now.  I can feel random movement which is really fun!  Of course, I tell Joey every time I feel the baby move!  All of the organs look good and all the fingers and toes are accounted for!

6. Any Cravings?

I get random cravings.  Sometimes, I’ll think of something and then I’m like oh my gosh I have to have it.  Generally speaking, I’ve craved Airheads and wedding cake.  Thankfully, we did get to attend a wedding, and I can’t tell you how excited I was for the cake!  I’m seriously tempted to go to a cake tasting or two….