How to Make Easy Floral Cupcakes + Step By Step Video

It’s cupcake of the month time and today I’m showing you just how easy it is to make your own floral cupcakes with a step by step video.  I’ve found that it really impresses guests if you can do a little something fancy on top of a cupcake- even if it’s a simple flavor like these vanilla cupcakes.

I grew up using a butterknife to put frosting (from a jar) on top of a cupcake.  When you mix a piping bag and a tip with a basic swirl, guests are so impressed.  If you are entertaining and you want to save time, you can just grab a box cake mix.  Our local grocery store allows you to purchase their buttercream from the bakery section so you can easily add some food coloring and pipe on a cute design all while saving time and impressing your guests.  (There is no shame admitting that I can sit there and eat that buttercream with a spoon!)  I even just discovered this McCormick Color Nature food coloring powder that has no artificial ingredients like those drops have!

I wanted to just really embrace spring so I thought of all the florals that remind me of the season which were these cute little daisies, roses, and hydrangeas.  Although, my hydrangeas are not growing this year for some reason.  I certainly do not have a green thumb like my mom did, but I try!

To make these cupcakes- they require 3 different tips.  (Now, I’m wishing I would have take a picture with the tips corresponding with the cupcake).  Unfortunately, these cupcakes are long gone because they were so yummy.

For the daisies I use  the Wilton #124 slant tip.  

For the hydrangeas, I use the Wilton #32 small closed star tip

For the rosettes I used the Wilton 2D closed star tip. 

Okay let’s get started- watch how easy these floral cupcakes are to make yourself!

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