The Perfect Date Night Look + My Secret for Keeping this Look Seamless

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The Perfect Date Night Look

It’s Valentine’s Day so I thought this was the perfect day to share the cutest date night look with you. It also happens to be festive for the holiday, but also something so versatile you can wear anytime!

I recently purchased this everyday shapewear bodysuit, to wear under tight fitting clothing like this date night look.  Let me tell you, its been on repeat ever since!  I’ll be honest, ever since having Charlie things with my body just haven’t gone back to the way they were before having a baby.  I’m okay with that because I found a solution that is comfortable, holds in my core, and even shapes and lifts my butt!  Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have seen me wearing something so tight before.

I love this one so much and SKIMS has a ton of other shapewear options I want to try!  I’m actually setting my alarm today because their Valentine’s Day collection is coming out at 12 PM EST and its all pink!  <3

Now that you know my secret to wearing form fitting looks like this one, can we just take a minute to discuss this Monet Bodysuit?  I mean, I don’t think my heart eyes could get any bigger with this one.  The color is so bold and those puff sleeves are just too good.  I actually first saw this print on this dress.  It was one of those things where you clicked on it once and Facebook just kept stalking you and taunting you with this beautiful dress.  I kept wishing I had somewhere I could wear it to, but I didn’t.  Long story short, my friend, Brianne, purchased it in the bodysuit version so I immediately scooped it up.  I couldn’t justify a dress (because I don’t have an event coming up), but I most certainly could justify a body suit!   Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?  It’s kind of been a tradition for Joey and I to just stay in and cook a fancy dinner.  Think crab legs, homemade heart shaped cheesecakes, and we can’t forget Charlie.  She loves steak, so we will have to serve that as well.  I think there was one year where we actually ate out and it was just so crazy busy that we just thought eating in was more our style so we’ve been doing it ever since.  I’m really looking forward to opening a nice red that I purchased Joey for Father’s Day last year.

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