Choose the Table with Dietz & Watson Al Fresco Style + Pesto Chicken Panini Recipe

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Recently, I had the opportunity to dine with the team from Dietz & Watson (you may have seen them  at your local grocery store in the deli department!)  We ate at the famous Morcilla Pittsburgh restaurant owned by Chef Justin Severino in collaboration with the Dietz & Watson campaign, #Choosethetable.  I’ve been anxiously wanting to try this restaurant out, and let me just say that Morcilla did not disappoint.  The food is served tapas style which completely took me back to our trip to Spain a few years ago! What was so unique about this dinner is that Chef Justin Severino curated this delicious meal from Dietz & Watson products and was able to come out and chat with us about this special dining experience.

 The Dietz & Watson campaign #Choosethetable is in full force right now and is popping up all over the country!  The idea really comes from the values Dietz & Watson holds true to themselves as a company:  “Mealtime is the centerpiece to our relationships.” I couldn’t agree more.

   With Baby P on the way Joey and I have been having so many conversations about what’s important to us, what we think will change, and what we don’t want to change.  We’ve been talking about how to manage our schedules with the craziness that this new life is going to bring.  It’s definitely all going to be an adjustment, but the one thing we keep circling back to is the need for quality, family time together.  I feel like too often we let life get the best of us and in a blink of an eye time passes you by!  We are so guilty of doing this ourselves and I’m sure there are going to be times where we slip and it happens again and again.

One of the ways I can see us coming together is around the table.  I envision our little family getting home from our busy days and just enjoying a meal together to catch up on each other’s day.  I may even make the no cell phone rule at the table.  It’s just truly a special time to just focus on each other’s company and bond over good food and good conversation.  The Dietz & Watson #Choosethetable campaign really spoke to me because of these recent conversations I had with Joey.

I feel like warm weather in Pittsburgh is hit or miss, so whenever it’s nice out, you can find Joey and I dining Al Fresco!  In my current nesting mode, I have the urge to start updating every part of our house.  Obviously, I want Baby P to love her home! 😉  We did a little updating to our patio.  It’s not quite finished, but one project at a time, right?

Mmmm… Let’s talk about food!  Entering my third trimester, food seems to be my life!  I thought this appetite was supposed to slow down since space is starting to run out!  That’s not really been the case, so I’m just going to embrace it!

  You probably know that my kitchen is currently in the middle of a renovation so I’ve been getting creative with our meals on the grill lately so we aren’t eating out everyday.  It’s been a challenge, but I’ve honestly enjoyed it!

I have no idea why I never thought about making paninis on the grill, but let me tell you it was the best decision I ever made.  My mouth is just watering thinking about how delicious these sandwiches were!  They make for the perfect weekend lunch or dinner!  Lately, I’ve been craving caprese salads, so it was a no brainer to turn this into a panini and pair it with Dietz & Watson Oven Roasted Chicken slices!

After letting the grill heat up for a few minutes, I brushed one side of some artisan bread I picked up at the grocery store with olive oil.  I spread some pesto on both sides of the bread and then layered a few pieces of Dietz & Watson Provolone cheese.  Feel free to add a few layers- no judgement from me!

I sliced up some beautiful roma tomatoes and placed them on the grill so they can start heating through.  

I added the Dietz & Watson oven roasted chicken to the pesto side of the sandwich and combined the two pieces of bread to make the perfect panini.

For the last step, and by far one of the most important steps, is once the sandwiches are combined, close the grill for just about a minute.  This is going to melt that cheese to ooey gooey perfection, while creating beautiful grill marks on the panini.  Mmmmmm…. 

I’m a diagonal sandwich cutter,  but either way you slice it, you will fall in love with this delicious and super easy sandwich!  Now, I think the possibilities are endless on the grill!  I can’t wait to see what else I can come up with this week. 

Chicken Pesto Caprese Panini Sandwhich

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My take on a caprese salad with chicken, all turned into a delicious panini perfect for summer time grilling!

You'll Need...

  • Dietz & Watson Oven Roasted Chicken Breast
  • Dietz & Watson Sliced Provolone Cheese
  • Sliced Artisan Bread
  • Tomatoes
  • Pesto
  • olive oil


  1. Preheat your grill to a mid heat range.
  2. Rub olive oil on your artisan bread.
  3. Place on the grill.
  4. Spread your favorite pesto on each piece of bread, while on the grill.
  5. Layer two slices of cheese on one side of the bread.
  6. Add the oven roasted chicken breast on top of the other piece of bread.
  7. Add sliced tomatoes.
  8. Place the bread with the cheese on top of the other half.
  9. Close the grill lid for just a minute so the cheese melts and the sandwich is fully heated through.
  10. Slice in half and enjoy!