How to Buy Designer Denim on A Budget

I get asked this question quite frequently, so I’m spilling all my secrets today on how to buy designer denim on a budget!

Let’s flashback to a few years ago, where I couldn’t fathom paying $200 for a pair of designer denim.  I couldn’t in a million years believe someone would pay that much for denim.  It’s just a pair of jeans, right?

I started working at Nordstrom in their TBD department where all their designer denim is sold.  I actually had extensive training on how jeans should fit, what brand works for what body type, why the jeans cost $179+ per pair, and to my surprise, the number of people that actually purchased this type of denim on a regular basis.  Don’t worry, I was still skeptical.  Fortunately, one of the perks of being in that department was getting a pair of jeans per month for free.  As I began to collect these designer jeans, I fell in love with Joe’s Jeans because I finally knew what proper fitting jeans felt like.  Who knew I was wearing my jeans ALL wrong?

I’ve always had a tough time finding jeans because I have thicker legs for my waist size.  The thighs would be too tight and I would have to go up a size and the waist would be too big.  Ugh.  It was frustrating.  Then, I realized I wasn’t looking for the right brands.  There are certain denim brands that are tailored to fit different body types, which is exactly why I fell in love with Joe’s Jeans.  You know that ONE pair of jeans you have that you literally wear over and over without washing them because you have them exactly the way you want them to fit?  That was my favorite pair of Joe’s Jeans.  As much as I wore them, they still looked brand new and fit me perfectly every single time.

Of course, my initial thought was… “Hmmmm how am I going to get multiple pairs of these designer denim without Joey knowing?” Haha I’m just kidding, but really, I didn’t want to spend $200 on every pair of jean I own. Over the years I’ve found a few secrets that have allowed me to stock up on my favorite designer denim on a budget!


1.The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

First, I have to start with my favorite way to stock up on designer denim on a budget!  The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is coming up next Thursday, July 13th for Early Access and then July 21st it is open to the public.  I’ve mentioned what this sale is about in this post here.  Typically, I stock up on my favorite brands during this sale.  They offer free shipping and free returns, so go ahead and buy a few pairs.  A lot of the time the designer denim usually $189 is marked down to $112 and sometimes even less.  Nordstrom also carries some great lines in their Trend department like SP Black Denim and Blank NYC that are all under $50, that I still highly recommend.  Those go on sale as low as $39!


2. Nordstrom Rack

Another great option is shopping at department stores like Nordstrom Rack.  There is a Nieman Marcus Last Call, and a Saks off Fifth Avenue.  These jeans are typically last season, but who is going to know?! I most certainly don’t.  Typically, designer denim will run you about $79-89 a pair.   If you get lucky, Nordstrom does seasonal “Clear the Rack” sales and their merchandise is marked down even more!  I’ve gotten a pair of Joes for $34 before!  ALL of which are having end of summer sales right now, so go take a peak! 


3. Shopbop Sales 

Shopbop is another favorite online retailer that I purchase designer denim from on a budget.  They typically have 4 seasonal sales a year that offer 25% off your purchase of, new, in season merchandise.  It’s another stock up sale!  Currently having a summer sale right now!

4. Friends and Family Sales

Throughout the year department stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nieman Marcus, and many more have friends and family sales which typically mean 20-25% off your full price purchase.  A little insider note, Nordstrom always price matches.  If you are like me and want to rack up your Nordstrom notes, this is a great way to do it!

5. Poshmark

I use Poshmark frequently to sell items from my closet.  I’ve scoured through the app and you can actually find some great deals on your favorites.  This is another way I find designer denim on a budget.

Now, if you are a lucky one and can wear those American Eagle Jeggings and have them fit so perfectly, keep buying them! You guys know I like a good deal.  For me, finding the right pair of denim was a journey and now that I’ve found my brand, I’m sticking to it because it’s worth it!