My Favorite Fall Fashion: Burgundy Tones for the Win

I love this time of year!  Ok come on.. who doesn’t?  I love everything from the crisp air, the cozy scents, and the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet.  Oh and pumpkin spice everything. The one thing I love most, though, is my Fall wardrobe.  It’s the perfect time to start layering my look for unpredictable temperatures.  I, especially, love wearing burgundy tones this time of year.  It’s a darker color that is still int he pink family, but it’s not as harsh as black. I would argue that burgundy is the best color for Autumn, but then I also love olive, khaki, and browns, too!  What can I say? I just love it all!

Cardigan // Lae Cami // Denim // Booties // LV Bag // Monogram Necklace // Hat

Okay this outfit is really making me want to cozy up by a warm bonfire and drink some mulled wine!  Since it’s Halloween, we might just have to do that tonight!  Seriously, though, I honestly cannot believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner and so are the holidays!  Have you started shopping yet?  I’m a little behind on my blog planning this year (surprise, surprise), but I’d love to get your opinion on what you want to see this year!  I typically do a big Holiday Gift Guide along with smaller ones! Here is a poll I’m taking on Facebook.  If you have some time, be sure to fill it out or comment below with some topics you’d like me to cover this year!

Photography By Julie Kahlbaugh