Bumpdate: 27 Weeks + Trendy Maternity Wear with Ingrid and Isabel

Well, hello there!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a blog post ready for you!  Well, LIFE is all I have to say to that.  Today, I’m doing a much overdue bumpdate!  I’m starting to get really tired again.  Flash back to the first trimester when I was asleep at 8 PM every evening.  At least during that time, I was more prepared for that.  I thought for sure I had a least a good month before I would start to get tired and my body would start aching.  Anyway, I’ll tell you more about that below in my bumpdate!

It’s been quite the eventful few weeks, though.  In fact, we actually should be lounging in Paris right now getting ready for our maternity pictures tomorrow.  Unfortunately, we are in good ol’ Pittsburgh.  On top of an already stressful week, we were prepping for our “babymoon” to London and Paris.  I know I’ve mentioned our anniversary tradition to you before, but if you are new here, Joey and I take a trip each year for our anniversary based on the Hallmark Gifts you are supposed to give each year.  This year the gift is copper so we thought going to visit Big Ben in London would be perfect.  Then, why not head to Paris for maternity photos because Paris is ALWAYS a good idea.  Our anniversary isn’t until October, but with Baby P due in August we thought it’d be best to take it early this year.

To make an incredibly long story short, we had two flight delays in Pittsburgh.  After hours of sitting in the airport, the airline rerouted us to Detroit, but couldn’t give us a seat assignment yet.  This was my first red flag.  We get to Detroit and, sure enough, they overbooked the flight to London.  Our only option was to head back to Pittsburgh that night around midnight, meanwhile our luggage was on its way to London.  At this point I was so stressed out and worried about getting our luggage back.  By the time we would end up getting to London we would already miss 2 of the 4 days there, and it just wasn’t going to be worth it.  We decided to cancel the trip and try to eliminate some of this stress.  We are currently dealing with the airline and travel insurance.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, buy the travel insurance.

Now that you know why I’ve been so MIA lately… onto the bumpdate!

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Ingrid and Isabel Blouse c/o // AG Denim Maternity (Non- Maternity, Under $60 White Denim) // Calvin Klein mules // Basket Bag (Under $25)

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

How far along are you?

We are 27 weeks pregnant! I honestly cannot believe we are more than halfway there.  Time is starting to fly by.

How I’m Feeling?

Like I mentioned above, I’m starting to feel pretty tired.  I honestly thought I had a full month before the aches, pains, and tiredness would begin.  What I’m learning is that pregnancy is entirely unpredictable.  The extra weight is really starting to weigh on my body and I’m having pretty bad back pain, restless nights, and just feeling uncomfortable.  I’m starting to have round ligament pain, so I plan on talking to my doctor this week to see if they have any suggestions for working through that.

Mentally:  I’m starting to have a lot of anxiety about getting everything done that needs to be done, particularly around the house and getting the nursery ready.  I’m also starting to worry about labor and delivery.  I feel really scared that something could go wrong and just thinking of how painful it’s going to be.  There are a lot of emotions running through my head right now.  Trust me, I know that you can’t control these things and I can only pray to God that everything works out the way it needs to.  It’s just scary.


Still craving wedding cake.  It’s the funniest thing ever to crave!  I also definitely find myself eating more sweets than I normally would, so I’m trying to keep that under control.

Workout Routine?

Up until about the last two weeks, my workout routine has been about the same as it always has been, with some obvious modifications to the amount of weight I choose and doing different exercises for my abs (mainly my obliques now).  The last two weeks have definitely hit me hard.  I’m still able to run, but it’s at a much, much slower pace.  Usually after I do a workout, I need to take a nap or I don’t function very well.  I’m still doing a modified version of Orangetheory Fitness, yoga, and taking lots of walks with Wrigley.  I’ve been so tired that I’ve only been doing about 3 days a week of working out, so I’m hoping I can manage to add one more day back in just for some exercises for my arms. That tends to be where my weight is going.

As a Blogger, Do You Get a Maternity Leave?

I’ve actually been asked this question a lot!  It’s such a tricky one to answer because when you are working for yourself, unless you are working, you aren’t making money.   I don’t get a vacation or paid maternity leave.  I plan to stay as active as I can be on social media.  Over the next month, I’m trying to focus on some content for the entire month of August so I can at least have posts ready to go so I can have a maternity leave.

What I’m Wearing Lately?

I haven’t fully transitioned into everything maternity clothing, but I’m slowly getting there.  I’ve been wearing a few basic maternity tops from H&M, ribbed knit dresses (I’ve been living in these and they are $9!!!!), maternity bottoms or I’ll wear regular jeans with this BeMaternity Band.  For the record, there are some super cute maternity clothing lines out there.  I just recently discovered Ingrid and Isabel.  You know anything that is off the shoulder has my heart, so combine that with this growing bump makes for one happy girl!

Exciting Things Coming up!

This weekend is our baby shower in West Virginia! We haven’t been home since January, which was a super short visit. We are really looking forward to catching up with everyone and celebrating our little Baby P.  There will be lots of relaxing over the holiday weekend as well!  Joey’s mom is so cute trying to get everything ready for visits with the baby at their house.

We are also trying to finalize some nursery details for the big reveal.  I’m debating on doing wallpaper right now, but Joey doesn’t like the idea of putting it up.  I’m hoping there are some big Memorial Day sales this weekend so I can just click “Buy” in all of my carts for the furniture and decor.

Photography by Julie Kahlbaugh