The Barre Code Pittsburgh X Urban Fit Co.

Switching up your workout routine and muscle confusion is the key to successfully achieving your fitness goals.  I am obsessing over the latest workout craze here in Pittsburgh:  The Barre Code.

When life catches up to us, ( myself included ), sadly, the first thing to go is usually my workout routine.  That’s one of the most important things you can be doing to preserve your health and your body!  It should be a priority.  It should be part of your routine like drinking water and eating!  You wouldn’t miss a meal would you?  Or coffee?  I wouldn’t miss coffee for sure.   Barre Code Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-12Boutique fitness is trending all across the U.S. and here is why…  life is crazy, life is busy so we need to find the most efficient way to get a workout in, that is not super time consuming and actually works.  The Barre Code provides the most efficient way to achieve your fitness goals. These workouts combine the variety and muscle confusion your body needs from cardio to strength, and body restoration, all in one place.  It’s done efficiently so you can get the most out of your workouts within a 60-minute class.  You deserve one hour to yourself every day!  Trust me, your body will love you for it.     Barre Code Pittsburgh-The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-Urban-Fit-Co-15Barre Code Pittsburgh-The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-Urban-Fit-Co-17

I actually used to do barre workouts at a competitor, but truthfully, the workout was the same every class and I was bored and burnt out on that workout very quickly.  I was thrilled to try out The Barre Code when I realized the variety they offer, but still remained centered around the Barre.  As I mentioned above, your body needs to have three fitness components:  Cardio, Strengthening, and Restoration.The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-1


Anyone can enjoy cardio at The Barre Code because it combines HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), dance, plyometrics, and kickboxing!  The classes that combine these techniques are TBC– a total body conditioning class which is a boot camp style, Brawl– an intense kickboxing class that also focuses on strengthening the thighs and glutes, Barre-dio- a dance inspired cardio that also focuses on strengthening the arms, abs, and glutes, and HIIT- an intense class that elevates your rate and focuses on strength, plyometrics, and coordination.  Barre Code Pittsburgh-The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-5

2. Strength Training-

The strength training component of The Barre Code really emphasizes small, isometric movements that may not feel like you are working much, but TRUST me when I say that you will know how much you were working the very next day!  I promise.  These small movements  really dig deep down into your muscles to mold and shape them.  The key to these workouts is to feel the shakes and work through, as a result, you are going to optimize your muscle strengthening.  Embrace the shake and the burn!

Barre Code Pittsburgh-The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-6

3. Restoration- 

Most importantly, we all need to find balance and center ourselves.  After a tough week of workouts, everyone needs to give their body and muscles a chance to recover and restore.  The Barre Code offers Barre Stretch and Baryasa to reset, stretch, and center your mind.

The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-7 Barre Code Pittsburgh-The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-8 The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-9 Barre Code Pittsburgh-The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-10 Barre Code Pittsburgh-The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-11
Barre Code Pittsburgh-The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-13 The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-14The best part about The Barre Code is that you can easily work it into your day during lunch hour or in between errands because they are well equipped with a beauty bar and beautiful changing rooms for your convenience.  The beauty bar is stocked with all the essentials: hairspray, makeup wipes, sprayable deodorant, and a straightener.

The Barre Code- Pittsburgh-Barre-Work hard-Fitness-Urban-Fit-Co-6

Photography by Samantha May

Grab some girlfriends and do something good for your body this weekend and try a new workout!  (Then have some wine, of course!)

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**Thank you Urban Fit Co. and The Barre Code for Sponsoring this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.