A Must-Read Book for Your Summer Reads

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I miss the days of having a long list of summer reads to dive into.  I actually have a sad confession.  Up until now, I have not read an entire book since before we had Charlie who is now going on 2 years old!  I used to love to cozy up with a good book some freshly brewed coffee in my hand.  We actually used to read so much that Joey and I would make fun of ourselves because every night before bed we would take 15 minutes and read a few chapters in our books or we would read a book together out loud.  We joked about us being in our twenties and what “wild” evenings we had cozied in bed with our books, imagining what 90 years old would look like.

   Let’s flash forward to The Summer of Sunshine & Margot and talk about how I read this book in under a week!  Given my backstory above, I was actually shocked I finished it so quickly, but I honestly could not put it down.  I had to know how the story unfolded and it was such an easy, lighthearted read.  It’s definitely one of those books that just remind you of good, summer reading.

The Summer of Sunshine & Margot has all the necessities of summer reading: romance, humor, and just all around good story to keep you wanting to read more.  This is actually the first book I ever read written by #1 New York Times best selling author, Susan Mallery, and I honestly cannot wait to pick up another one of her books to start reading!

Without giving you too much detail and spoiling the book, here is a little glimpse as to why you need to add The Summer of Sunshine & Margot to your summer reads:

Sunshine and Margot are two sisters, who, in most cases, couldn’t be more opposite from each other.  Margot, an etiquette coach, is placed on what seems like the most difficult job she had in her career.  She was hired by her clients son, a mysterious man with a very cold exterior, who didn’t seem to have confidence in Margot to complete the job at hand.  She was up for the challenge, especially when it came to her work.  When it came to her love life, however, she would fall apart at the call of her ex, Dietrich, and drop everything she was doing in her life for him. This meant missing out on the job interview of her dreams.  When will she learn that he is just not right for her?

Sunshine is the more free spirited sister who never minded just up and leaving to follow her dreams (or man she thought she was in love with after a one night stand.)  She realized it was time to leave that life behind and start taking things more seriously.  Sunshine would go to school, get her degree and settle down with the right kind of man.  She knows she cant be “that girl” anymore and she has to stop falling for the wrong men, which means the single dad who just hired her to Nanny for his son is off limits.

The Summer of Sunshine & Margot was just released so you can grab your copy of the book here!

Photography by Julie Kahlbaugh