5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Organization Featuring GLAMboxes

One of the things I love most about Spring is getting organized!  After the dreary winter months, I feel like it’s time to start fresh and being spring cleaning!   This is the time of year where live by the motto “out with the old, in with the new!”

1. Clean and Organize Your Make-Up

This was a major project this year.  I had so much make up that I didn’t use and so many things that were old that simply needed tossed in the trash.  Who knew I had so much lying around?  I didn’t because everything was shoved in drawers so I forgot half of what I even owned!  I turned to GLAMboxes to help me with my make up organization.  It was a mess!  I posted the disaster on my instastory a few weeks ago.  I really should have done before and after photos, but I totally forgot to save it! I can’t even begin to tell you the relief I had once everything was neatly organized in each compartment and drawer.

The beautifully, handcrafted acrylic will match any decor you have and allows you to see everything you own.  We all know if you don’t see it, you will forget about it and never use it.  Nobody wants to waste $30+ make up.  The drawers come in different sizes allowing you to to even include some of your facial routine as well as any extras you bought! (I always stock up on extras during sales!) The GLAMboxes come in all different sizes to suit your needs.  I obviously needed the large one.

 GLAMluxe c/o //  GLAMpetite //

2. Organize Your Jewelry-

This is another area that tends to get out of hand by the end of the year.  My necklaces get tangled, some things just need tossed out because they are tarnishing (yes, I usually buy cheap jewelry), and some things just are super trendy and out of style already.  This year I found this adorable bracelet and watch holder that has a tray on the bottom to display all of my favorites.  I’m going to use this for what I call the “classics.”  These are the bracelets I tend to go to over and over!  You can find the cutest ring holders and jewelry boxes to also help organize your jewelry!

GLAMring //  GLAMT-stand//

BTW these are perfect Mother’s Day Gift ideas ^^^^

Si by Georgio Armani  / Viktor and Rolfe Flower Bomb // Jo Malone

3. Spring Refresh-

I love to go around the house and give each room what I call a little Spring refresh.  I add fresh florals in a few of the rooms and update some of the accessories with pastel colors and brighter tones! These things don’t have to be very expensive updates!  You can find affordable little updates at Home Goods, Target (currently having 40% off Home!) or even do your own DIY’s! Sometimes just updating some throw pillows can make a room feel light and airy and new!

4. Desk Clean Up-

This should really be done in January.  Who am I kidding, though? I’m just now getting started on this.  It’s a good time to clear out all of your old paperwork, old receipts, and just old junk that you no longer need from the year before.  I also just started to transfer my calendar birthdays to the 2017 calendar.  (Sorry if I missed your birthday in Jan-March!)  Having an organized desk make me feel like I have myself together and puts me in the mood to work!  I’ve linked some of my favorite desk organization pieces below!


Last, but most certainly not least is cleaning out my closet.  My motto is if you haven’t worn it once in the last year get rid of it!  I’m going to be posting a bunch of gently worn items on my Poshmark to sell in the upcoming weeks!  I’ll keep you updated on when those things go live!  In the meantime I’ve started the process of clearing out my closet.  I have items that I take to Plato’s closet because I know they won’t sell for much on Poshmark, I have my Poshmark items, and then I have my donation pile.  I’m looking forward to getting back to organized like I was last Spring!


Meanwhile, I woke up to a blizzard today in Pittsburgh! I didn’t even know it was supposed to snow!  I’m going to keep going on my business like it didn’t happen.  Any fun plans this weekend?  You see what mine are! I’m going to try to get caught up from our trip to Colorado and dream about some warmer weather!

Photography by Samantha May