5 Things to Look For When Shopping for a New Bra

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Hanes Easylite Bra- Comfortable Bra- Nude Bra

Who ever knew that finding the perfect bra would be such a JOB?  I actually added bra shopping in with the list of things I don’t like shopping for like denim and swimsuits.  As much of a chore bra shopping can be, I will say when you find the ONE, you buy it in all the colors and try out other styles from that brand, too!  Well, I found the one.  (I actually found TWO styles, but I’ll be sharing my second style in a few weeks with you.)

Today, I’m going to be talking about my comfort, everyday bra called the Bali® Comfort Revolution® EasyLite.  This bra is actually so comfortable I’ve fallen asleep in it countless times already and did not regret it the next day at all.

I want this post to help you on your next bra adventure with a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your next bra.

Hanes Easylite Bra - Comfortable Bra- Bras at Home

  1. 1. Comfort – I would probably say that the most important feature of a bra is comfort level.  We wear bras for 12+ hours a day, so being comfortable is key.  The Bali® Comfort Revolution® EasyLite is really the most comfortable bra I ever wore.  It is completely seamless and smooth. The bra is designed to support where you need it most, lay perfectly flat on your skin, and stay in place throughout the day for ultimate comfort and a worry free day.
  2. 2. Fit The fit of a bra goes hand in hand with the comfort level of a bra (IMO). You want your bra to fit properly otherwise you’ll be uncomfortable, pulling, tugging, and falling out.  None of us want that.  Actually, one of the things I like most about the EasyLite bra are the fused edges that allow the bra to lay perfectly flat on my back.  This has eliminated any uncomfortable bulging (and insecurities) around my bra that I used to have with my old one.
  3. 3. Functionality – Another key component to finding the perfect bra is evaluating the functionality of the bra.  In my mom life days, I tend to gear myself toward simple.  I want a bra that can take me from day to night with ease.  Even the ability to fall asleep in a bra serves as a good function in my book.  The Easylite bra is also made with Cool Comfort® Fabric that wicks moisture so you can be comfortable as well throughout the day.
  4. 4. Underwire / No Underwire – This is a big decision to make here.  I’m typically a girl who likes underwire, but I actually became accustomed to not having underwire since breastfeeding Charlie for 2 years.  I find that not having an underwire is more comfortable.  As long as I’m still getting support, I’m on board with no underwire!

  1. 5. Support – I was actually very skeptical on how supportive the EasyLite bra would be because the material is fairly thin. I’m pleased to say that I was perfectly content with the support level.  The bra has the perfect amount of padding and I feel the comfort as if I’m not wearing a bra, but with enough support in all the right places (if that makes sense haha).  Now, I’m not going to go jog a couple miles in this bra, but for my day to day support it’s perfect.

Gone are the days where I feel uncomfortable in my bra!  Head to Kohl’s now to try the  Bali® Comfort Revolution® EasyLite so you can see what you’ve been missing out on in a bra!

Photography by Julie Kahlbaugh