25 Holiday Cocktails To Try…

‘Tis the season to be in the spirit… and also have lots of spirits!  Today, I rounded up 25 of the most delicious looking Holiday Cocktails to try before the season is over!  Let’s be honest, nothing warms you up quite like a good cocktail.

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    1. Mulled Wine recipe via Gimme Some Oven-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    2. Blackberry Thyme Cocktail recipe via Style Me PrettyBlackberry Thyme-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    3. Blood and Sand recipe via JJ Begoniablood-and-sand-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    4. Ombre Blackberry Sparkler recipe via The Cookie RookieChampagne Cocktail-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    5. Cherry Sangria recipe via Better Homes and GardensCherry Sangria-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    6. Cranberry Ginger Cocktail recipe via Jelly Toast BlogCranberry-Ginger-Cocktail-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    7. Grown up Hot Chocolate recipe via How Sweet it IsGrown up hot chocolate-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    8. Holiday Spiced Manhattan recipe via A Spicy PerspectiveManhattan-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    9. Toasted Marshmallow Shots recipe via The Watering MouthToasted Marshmallow Shots-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    10. Wine Gummies recipe via Thrive Stylewine-gummies-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    11. Wassail recipe via Raising Generation NourishedWinter Wassail-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    12. Frosted Coconut Blitz recipe via Cosmopolitan-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    13. Boozy Bourbon Cherries recipe via The Recipe GirlBourbon-Cherries-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    14. Candy Cane Mojitos recipe via Betty CrockerCandy Cane Mojitos-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    15. Christmas Coffee Cocoa Cocktail recipe via Herb Christmas Coffee-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    16. Cranberry Ginger Moscow Mule recipe via Beard and Bonnetcocktail_cranberry_ginger-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    17. Cranberry Ginger Sparkling Rum recipe via Katie at the Kitchen DoorCranberry Ginger-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    18. Cranberry Sangria recipe via Will Cook for SmilesCranberry-Sangria-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    19. Earl Grey Hot Toddy recipe via Carolina Girl CooksEarl Gray Hot Toddie-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    20. The Grinch Cocktail recipe via Cocktails, Spirits, and Liquors
      Grinch Cocktail-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    21. Peppermint Bark Martini recipe via Will Cook for FriendsPeppermint Martini-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    22. Raspberry Cream Mimosa recipe via Cooks with CocktailsRaspberry Cream Mimosa-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    23. Salted Caramel Eggnog recipe via The Grant LifeSalted Caramel-Holiday-Cocktails-Recipe
    24. Champagne Cocktail image via Hostess with the MostessChampagne Cocktail-Holiday-Recipes
    25. Hot Buttered Rosemary + Fig Bourbon Cider Recipe via Local MilkScreen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.56.13 AM