2020 Holiday Gift Guide For the Cozy Home

 I don’t know what it is about the holidays, but they certainly give you that warm and cozy feeling inside.  There is nothing like walking into a home that feels warm, inviting, and oh so cozy! I found some items to get you started in this 2020 Holiday Gift Guide- Cozy Home edition!  Some of these are staple decor pieces that I love and some are items I’ve used forever.  Naturally, with all my gift guides, there is typically a hint to my hubs on some of the items I don’t already have.  In case he is reading this.

These items also make really good gifts for people you may have in your life- everyone loves home decor and all the cozy things- a nice blanket, festive wreath, or new doormat- I’d be thrilled.

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide- Cozy Home

2020 Holiday Gift Guide- Cozy Home- Afternoon Espresso- Gift Ideas- Christmas Gifts Festive Wooden Sign //  Faux Wreath // Doormat // Pot Holder // Baking Sheets // Kitchen Aid Mixer // Blanket // Pillow // Glamorous Wash  // Holiday Candles // Nespresso Machine // Bose Speaker

Festive Wooden Sign– I fell in love with these festive wooden signs a few Christmas’s ago so I started making it a point to buy one each year until I fill up my wall space.  They honestly make such a huge difference in our home.  I even put a bow and some real greenery on the top ledge of them to make them extra special.

Faux Wreath- I just saw this beautiful wreath the other day at Target and I’m 100% going to be ordering it for myself.  This one in particular is unique because it has these little blueberries on it and the branches are just so whimsical and different.  I love it. This is so welcoming and immediately gives the impression of a cozy home right from the doorstep.

Come in + Cozy Up– Speaking of doorstep- another festive addition just as you walk in the home!  You could even layer this rug with a buffalo check rug underneath!

Baking Essentials- Who doesn’t bake during the holidays?  I mean the smell of freshly baked cookies is probably the coziest, nostalgic thing you can do this time of year.   I love a good set of baking sheets like these.  Every now and then I need to replace mine and I’ve found this brand is my favorite.  I could always use some oven mitts/trivets because they tend to get dirty.

Kitchen Aid Mixer- If you don’t have one of these, listen up.  These are a life changer- they are for sure an investment, but this is the best time to get them because there is always a good deal on them you would otherwise not get them.  After 12 years of owning mine, I finally replaced it with this shiny new one that came with this beautiful hobnail glass mixing bowl.  She’s a beauty and I can’t wait to use her!

Blanket – I honestly cannot have enough cozy blankets.  I have one within arms reach at all time.  They also are so inviting and make for such great gifts because everyone could use an extra blanket.

Pillows- I love to change up my decor every so often and one way I do this is by throw pillows.  It’s really an easy way to change up a look without spending a fortune.  I thought these pillows look festive but also could be used after the holiday season!

Glamorous Wash- Okay- this is such a bougie purchase, but don’t be scared away when you see the price.  It took me forever to finally decide to buy this laundry detergent, but I haven’t gone back ever since.  Like I mentioned- it’s pricey, but it smells absolutely heavenly.  I like to use this on our guest sheets and towels.  We get compliments on them every time someone stays with us and I love that.  and I also use them on our bedroom sheets every other week so it lasts longer.  I always buy it in the scent Diva.

Holiday Candles- This time of year, I don’t think there is day that goes by where I don’t have  a candle going in the evening.  Not only does the light create such a cozy ambience, but the scent always just reminds me of cozy (depending on what you get). I love Sweet Water Decor because they are actually a local, female owned small business right here in Pittsburgh!   They also have a lot of other cute items that make great gifts for the holidays.

Nespresso Machine- The ultimate cozy is cuddling up with a blanket and enjoying a cup of coffee by the Christmas tree.  I’ve tried several espresso machines, but Nespresso is hands down my favorite- it’s the easiest to use, most consistent, and makes really good quality coffee and espresso. I do have a regular coffee pot that I use as well, but I would say my Nespresso machine gets just about as much use.  There are always great deals this time of year so if you’ve been considering one, now is definitely the time.

Bose Speaker-  I bought this speak for Joey a few Christmas’s ago and I honestly cannot believe how much we use it.  It especially gets its money’s worth during the holiday season because we play Christmas songs non stop on it!  It’s small so it doesn’t take up much space and comes in several other colors!


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