2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 

Even though the holidays are definitely a little different this year, it has been so fun to see Charlie’s excitement around Christmas. She’s at the age now where she’s able to see all the magic in the season and I think this might be my favorite Christmas so far as a family of 3!

Charlie even had fun looking through the Target toy catalog which definitely took me back to growing up where catalogs were the only way to go and were taken as such a serious part of Christmas prep! I’ve put together a list of some of our favorite kids and toddler items we own as well as a few on Charlie’s wishlist this year! 

Ball Pit and Tunnel Play Set // Osmo iPad Starer Kit // Little Tikes Trampoline // Christmas Pajamas // S’mores Campfire Play Set // Lip Smacker Emoji Balms // Hydroflask // Birdie Scooter // Aurora Doll // Fire Kids Edition // Disney Cuddleez Pillows // Play Doh Treasure Hunter Kit // Play Workbench

1. Ball Pit and Tunnel Play Set – I mean, what kid doesn’t dream of having their own ball pit in their house?! Bring the fun into your own home with this set complete with tunnels and tents! There are different added games to each section like a mini basketball hoop and a target, making the games endless!

2. Osmo iPad Start Kit – These starter kits for the Little Genius app on the iPad are so great! Charlie loves that it takes it from just the screen to something interactive and tangible infront of her as well. This kit has provided some great learning opportunities in a fun way while we’ve been home a little more this year!

3. Little Tikes Trampoline – These are every rambunctious toddler mom’s dream! This little trampoline doesn’t take up too much space and I’ve yet to meet a kid that doesn’t love bouncing on one of these endlessly.

4. Christmas Pajamas – This gingerbread print is too cute to pass up! I love the idea of making sets like this a family tradition. Kiddos probably won’t be as excited about these as something like the ball pit but I love the nostalgia of making it a yearly thing!

5. S’mores Campfire Set – This Melissa & Doug set is the perfect change up for when you want a break from any screen time and for colder winter days where you need to bring the outdoors inside! It has everything you need to make a faux fire and roast some s’mores!

6. Lip Smacker Emoji Balms – These adorable lip balms come in all your favorite Disney characters like Belle and Minnie! Lip Smackers is such a throw back for me and I love these for stocking stuffers! They have some sets, too that could easily be broken up between multiple kids.

7. Hydroflask – This 12oz Hydroflask is the perfect size to take on the go with you! This particular style has a sleeve on the bottom half making it even easier for little hands to hold on. The flip down straw also helps eliminate any messy spills! If you haven’t tried a Hydroflask yet, these keep drinks cold up to 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about drinks sitting in the car and getting warm either!

8. Birdie Scooter – These scooters are cool enough to make any parent jealous! They have a slightly wider frame making it easier for little ones to use and come in three colors. They’re on sale for under $100 here right now!

9. Aurora Doll – The details on this Disney doll are what sold me! I also love that it comes with her Owl! These go on sale every now and then here so check back if it’s an item on your little one’s Christmas list!

10. Fire Kids’ Edition – This has been probably the best thing in any household with kids this year. The Fire makes it so easy to synch with other apps and gives parents control over what is accessible to your kids. The case makes it travel friendly and it can definitely be a lifesaver on a road trip! They are $50 off right now here!

11. Disney Cuddleez Pillows – These super soft foam pillows are such a cute change up from a regular pillow for kids. They’d be great for travel, too! These come in so many of your favorite characters like Minnie and Mickey! Whenever traveling is easier again, I would love to give Charlie the Minnie Lip Smacker’s Balm with the Minnie Cuddleez as a surprise for our next trip to Disney!

12. Play Doh Treasure Hunt Kit – Where was the metallic Play Doh when I was a kid?! This set gave me Pretty, Pretty Princess vibes (who else remembers that board game?) with it’s jewelry making tools. This is perfect for a tactile activity and can be used again with other Play Doh colors, too!

13. Play Tool Workbench – This set is basically all the tool toys you could ever want or need in one big set. It comes with 82 pieces but lets you keep it organized with the tool chest it comes with as well. Such a steal for less than $50!

I hope this was helpful for finding some fun items for any kids in your life! What is on their wishlists this year?