18 Colorful Easter Basket Ideas to Delight Your Kiddos!

I’ve always loved Easter, and now the holiday is even more fun since I get to put together Easter baskets for Charlie! Last year, I tried to make a candy-free Easter basket since she was so young, but this year I threw in a few treats that I know she’ll love. Lately she has been into everything bright and colorful, so I challenged myself to make the most colorful Easter basket possible to really excite her this year! I’m hoping these colorful Easter basket ideas will help you this year!

  1. colorful easter basket ideas Goldfish - Colorful Easter Basket Ideas
  2. 18 Colorful Easter Basket Ideas (that aren’t candy)

  3. 1. Wooden Name Puzzle– This personalized puzzle comes in primary or pastel colors, and you can choose up to thirty-three letters! We decided to go with Charlie’s name, but the options are endless!

2. 40-Piece Hair Bow Set– I love putting bows in Charlie’s hair. Luckily, she doesn’t seem to mind, so this 40-piece set guarantees that we’ll have plenty of options for her future outfits!

3. Scrunchi Pastel Ponytailers– I feel like we’re always losing ponytail holders, so it was the perfect excuse to pick these up. Plus the pastel colors are adorable for the season!

colorful easter basket ideas- Goldfish Grahams 4. Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish Grahams– Goldfish grahams are one of Charlie’s favorite snacks, and the vanilla cupcake version is especially delicious! I know she’ll be very pleased to find these in her basket.

5. Crayola Magic Light Brush Paints– Mess-free painting seems like a dream come true, and that’s why I’ve always appreciated the Color Wonder line from Crayola. These paints are refills for the Color Wonder Light Brush!

6. Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Set– I put these in Charlie’s basket last year, and she had so much fun with them. The colors are super bright and pretty, and the “paint” is actually soap! It happens to smell great too and easily washes off!

colorful easter basket ideas - Chocolate 7. M&M Easter Mini Tubes– Had to include a little bit of chocolate in the basket this year! These M&M mini tubes are the perfect size, and I love that the packaging is themed for Easter.

colorful easter basket ideas- Hershey's Chocolate 8. Hershey Milk Chocolate Bunny– It’s a Hershey chocolate bunny, so what’s not to love? This one is hollow, though, so if you and your family are solid bunny fans only, this isn’t for you. 😉

colorful easter basket ideas- Mr. Bubble, Color Bath Dropz - Crayola Finger Paint - Crayola 9. Mr. Bubble Extra Gentle Bubble Bath– We all seem to have sensitive skin in this house, so I was very happy to find this dye and fragrance-free bubble bath from Mr. Bubble!

10. Mr. Bubble Foam Soap Pack– Mr. Bubble also has these awesome foam soaps so that your kids can create 3D designs in the bathtub! This pack comes in lots of different scents and colors!

11. Crayola Color Bath Drops– Even more bath time fun! The container holds red, blue, and yellow drops that can be used on their own or mixed together to create even more colors! Charlie loves dropping them into the bath herself and seeing how the water changes!

12. Munchkin Bath Crayons– I didn’t know that bath crayons existed, but I’m so happy that I found them! They easily wash off the walls of the tub and include five colors!

13. Frozen 2 Blu-ray & DVD set– We’re huge Frozen fans over here, so this one was a no-brainer! Although I’m expecting we might get sick of it eventually because Charlie will want to watch it as much as possible!

14. Crayola Color Wonder Pad– The paper is the only kind that will work with the other Color Wonder supplies! I wish I could figure out the science behind it all because Charlie is always so entertained, and I don’t have anything crazy to clean up!

15. You’re My Little Honey Bunny Book– I couldn’t resist this book when I found it. The story and illustrations are so adorable! I can’t wait to add it to our bookshelf.

16. Miracle Bubbles– With the weather warming up, I’m looking forward to  playing outside with Charlie more often! Bubbles are one of her favorite things, so we had to stock up!

17. Glitter Unicorn Horn Chalk– Charlie has been very into unicorns lately, so I was so excited when I found this chalk set! The colors are perfect for spring, and the touch of glitter makes them even more special!

colorful easter basket ideas- Disney Dresses - Buzz Lightyear Dress- Jane.Com18. Disney Character Dresses– Charlie is very into changing her clothes a million times a day, so having dress up items in our house is a must and so fun to play make believe.  Bonus they can definitely double as a cute outfit to wear in Disney!  I always find the best deals on Jane.com.  There are so many that are only $7.99-$13.99.

What’s your favorite Easter Basket idea or one item you always have to to put in your children’s baskets? Let me know!