15 Easter Basket Ideas That Aren’t Candy

It is so fun having a little girl for the holidays because it literally takes me right back to my childhood!  I remember being so excited for Easter morning and waking up to an Easter basket filled with all of my favorite treats.  My mom would also throw in a few items that were non candy related and I actually love this idea so much.  Charlie is so young anyway, I cringe at the thought of her having candy, so this year we are going to stick with a completely non-candy basket.  I wanted to share some of the ideas I came up with!

15 Easter Basket Ideas That Aren’t Candy

  1. 1. Sidewalk Chalk– I’m thinking about being outside alll the time this Spring and Summer so a few of the items I put in Charlie’s basket definitely involve being outside!  I opted for the 48 pack, because it was $4.99, so why not?

2. Cup–  We love this sippy cup for Charlie because it’s similar to drinking out of a regular cup without the mess!  We also lose them all the time, so adding one to her basket was a necessary.

3. Cute Silverware/Tablewear– We bought a few different types of silverware for Charlie and these are by far her favorite set!  Plus they come in cute pastel colors, which I love.

4. Easter Theme Goldfish– Everyone needs some Goldfish in their life.  I’m not going to lie, I probably eat just as many Goldfish as Charlie does.  I love trying the different flavors.  They came out with these cute Vanilla Grahams for Easter and these fun colorful ones, too!

5. Flashcards – Is it too early to start learning a second language?  Nooooo.  We are going to try these flashcards out with some Spanish! I LOVE that they are on a little ring so I can keep them all together (and not all over our floor.)

6.  Stickers –  We actually have a little drawer for Charlie that houses crayons, stickers, and coloring books.  Everyday she gets stickers out and puts them on herself, myself, and sometimes she eats them.  I know.. gross, but she loves them! It’s an inexpensive way to entertain while I’m cooking dinner.

7. Crayola Bath Paint–  I found these in the dollar section at Target for Christmas and was thrilled to see the gorgeous pastel colors for Spring!  This is a fun sensory activity little ones can paint in the bathtub!  I don’t have to worry about the mess because it’s soap and easily can be rinsed off!

8. Easter Books– I don’t think it’s possible to have too many books!  We bought this one and this one.  You also can’t go wrong with this timeless classic.

9. Hair Ties / Bows– We’ve been testing out our favorite bows!  We bought these bows and these hair ties.  I know Charlie will wear the ties as bracelets, though.

10. Swimsuit / Cover Up / Beach Blanket – This is such a practical option if you are going on a trip sometime soon or just need a bigger size for the Summer pool days ahead!

11. Suitcase – I didn’t really anticipate getting a suitcase this early for Charlie, but how could you resist this precious suitcase?!  I need one in my size!  This would be so cute to sub as an Easter Basket and put your goodies in!

12. Bubbles– Another really easy, inexpensive outdoor activity!

13.  Tea Party Set – I actually bought a cute ceramic tea set for Charlie before she was born, but she’s not quite careful enough to play with it yet.  I thought this wooden set would be perfect in the meantime.  We also love the Melissa and Doug wooden toys!

14. Hair Brush–  Charlie loves brushing her hair so much and it’s getting so long!  It’s time to upgrade from her baby brush to a regular one.  We aren’t to the level of tangles, but I heard this brush is good for that!

15. Alphabet Foam Letters– More bath tub fun plus some learning involved too is always a bonus!


I really tried to find items that are practical, but would still excite Charlie when she sees her basket!  I hope this helps you, too!