14 Out of the Box Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Let’s chat about Valentine’s Day today.  Who loves it? Who hates it?  This year, I wanted to come up with a list of 15 Out of the Box Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for you all because I love Valentine’s Day.  I say it every single year and every year I’m always surprised at the number of people who don’t like the holiday!  WHY NOT?  I love a good reason to celebrate!  I mean you can celebrate love in many ways- someone special in your life, the love for your pets, love for yourself, your little humans.  There are a million ways to celebrate love and honestly it might look different to everyone, but I vote you should still celebrate it.
  2. 14 out of the box valentine's day gift ideas- Ashley Pletcher - Afternoon Espresso
  3. I tried to come up with some options that are a little more out of the box, but I also just love some of the classic options too!  Yummy chocolates, lingerie, and flowers- I’m happy with any of those too so I made a little collage of some of my favorite classic Valentine’s Day gifts as well. In fact, I actually have almost every item in this collage, so I personally love them all!
  4. 14 out of the box valentine's day gift ideas- Ashley Pletcher - Afternoon Espresso- Valentine's Day Gift GuideLove Necklace // Barefoot Dreams Blanket (under $60) // Sugarfina Lips // Voluspa Candle // Xoxo Sweatshirt // Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Kit // Cuyana Makeup Bags // Lingerie Set // Slip Face Mask (obsessed- so comfortable!) // Chloe Perfume (my signature scent) // Heart Pajamas // Rikki Loves Rikki Mirror // Cute Coffee Mug // Barefoot Dreams Blanket 

14 Out of the Box Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

14 out of the box valentine's day gift ideas- Ashley Pletcher - Afternoon Espresso- Valentine's Day

  1. 1. A Couples Massage –  So. Romantic and relaxing!  Book a spa day- with your Gal pal, by yourself, or significant other!  I love the Nemacolin Spa so much- it’s by far my favorite spa I’ve ever been to.  (You know- where the Bachelor was filmed this current season!)

2. Venus Et Fleur Flowers – There are several brands of these everlasting flower boxes and displays now, and let me tell you they are heavenly.  I had one that lasted about 3 years before I ended up tossing- definitely a great option if you feel like flowers are a waste of money.  (I’m gasping at saying those words because I do love fresh blooms!)

3. A Car Detail – Okay this would just be heaven for me.  My car is always a disaster and I’m forever apologizing to anyone who gets in it.

4. A Cozy Blanket – I carry my Barefoot Dreams blankets around with me like a toddler and their blankey.  They ARE SO GOOD and make for the best gifts.  Whenever I see them on sale I buy a few to stock up on when I need a last minute gift for someone!

5. Homemade Dinner –  This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I hate going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.  The restaurants are always so crowded and impossible to get a reservation.   Plus COVID.  Cooking a nicer, more elevated dinner at home seems like such a good option.  Splurge on some lobster and filet and make a homemade heart shaped cheesecake!

6.  A Quick Getaway –  Sometimes stepping out of the house is so necessary in order to relax and really enjoy the moment.  Life is crazy and there is always something to do at home- so if you are one that needs a change of scenery like myself, go on a quick trip somewhere.  There are quite a few places right near Pittsburgh like The Greenbrier, Nemacolin Resort, Omni Bedford Springs, The Getaway House, or just do a staycation in a cute Air BNB or hotel!

7. Take a Virtual Cooking Class-   This is similar to the homemade dinner, but take it up a notch and make it fun and playful as a professional chef will do a zoom call to take you through the steps to make a fancy meal!

8. Virtual or In Person Flower Making Class– Find a local florist who is doing virtual floral arrangement classes.  You can get creative with your design and support a small, local business.  In Pittsburgh, The Farmers Daughter and Saphhire and Lace are both doing something special for Valentine’s Day.

14 out of the box valentine's day gift ideas- Ashley Pletcher - Afternoon Espresso- XOXO Sweatshirt - Pink Lily

9. Virtual Wine Tasting From Napa– So many vineyards and winery’s are offering virtual tastings!  We have so many Napa favorites.  It’s a cool concept because you sign up for a tasting and they will mail the wine to you- then hop on the virtual tasting.  I’m also really missing visiting Napa so I think this is a cute and different activity.  Our favorite places are Alpha Omega, Cliff Lede, Duckhorn, and Wagner Family of Wine to name a few.

10. Coffee of the Month Club–  You know I can’t do a gift guide without a coffee option.  You could get really cute and buy a mug or travel mug to go along with it.  This would be the gift to my heart.

11. Date Night Candle Making Kit-   I thought this was another cute activity you can do with your Galentine, significant other, or even the kids! I always love a good candle vibe.  Also- if you are local to Pittsburgh The Candle Lab is a great place to get creative and make your own in person!

12. A Nice Sheet Set- There is nothing I love more than a set of new sheets.  Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things in the world to crawl into bed with fresh sheets.  I love the Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Line and I also love these exact sheets.  You can even get a little bougie with it and get this laundry detegent to go along with it- it smells SO GOOD.

13.  Mediterra Cafe –  Is doing the cutest Valentine’s Day treats!  You guys know how much I love this cafe- local to Pittsburgh.  They are doing these cute heart shaped cakes, this Valentine’s Day Cookie Kit, a Staycation Basket, Red Velvet Hot Chocolate Bombs, and a Date Night Dinner Box you Can order ahead of time!

14. Enjoy A View-  Think of a place you can go that has a nice view.  Somewhere quiet where you can kind of just take it all in.  I love going to Mt. Washington and looking over the city in Pittsburgh.  It’s a little cold right now, but who cares!  Make it an adventure.

14 out of the box valentine's day gift ideas- Ashley Pletcher - Afternoon Espresso- Goldendoodle - Puppy

I stopped at 14 because- Valentine’s Day.  Really, I couldn’t think of another idea.  In other news- during my brainstorming and research for popular Valentine’s Day gifts, I found out that vagina candles are a thing?  Yes, you read that correct.  They are.  Gwyneth Paltrow came out with this one.   With the ever popular WAP song, I stumbled across a few of those candles, too.  Woo also came out with a massage candle (don’t be shocked by the name- that’s a forewarning)  Who even knew?

14 out of the box valentine's day gift ideas- Ashley Pletcher - Afternoon Espresso- Pink Lily SweatShirt

Anyway, I hope these 14 out of the box ideas help make your Valentine’s Day as precious as it should be!  Are you more of a traditional Valentine’s Day or do you like out of the box things?  Let me know!