10 Ways to Use Beautycounter Cleansing Balm + Giveaway!

You guys went crazy over my last Beautycounter post about how to stay hydrated during the winter months! Today I’m going to narrow it down a little more and share my absolute favorite product:  The Beautycounter Cleansing Balm + 10 ways to use this little miracle worker! **There is also an awesome giveaway below!**

I was so iffy about Beautycounter at first because I was afraid it was one of those MLM things that just drive everyone crazy.  You have the option to simply purchase online per usual, but I will say having a consultant has been helpful in giving me opportunity to try some products prior to buying as well as getting good recommendations.  I use Amanda Druschel as my go to consultant, in case you want a good one!

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My all time favorite product is the Beautycounter Cleansing Balm.  Hands down- out of any other product I use, it’s my holy grail.  It really helps me keep my skin hydrated during the winter months, but it’s a product I use all year long.  With it’s multi purpose usage, I get my money’s worth.  The other bonus, is this container last a while.

10 Ways to Use Beautycounter Cleansing Balm

1. Cleanser-

The obvious way to use the Beautycounter Cleansing Balm is as a cleanser.  I love this cleanser so much because it’s more of a solid product instead of liquid.  I actually put the cleanser on my face dry and then I dampen the facial cloth (that comes with your purchase) and gently wipe off my makeup from the day.  It’s so much easier than splashing water on my face and making a big mess.

2. Overnight Mask-

If you are needing an extra bit of moisture, the Cleansing Balm is the perfect option for an overnight mask.  You can put a thin layer on your face and leave overnight.  There is no need to wash it off, but by the morning you will notice a difference in your skin!

3. Dry Skin for Baby Charlie-

Of course, Charlie takes after her mama and has dry skin, too during the winter months.  The Beautycounter cleansing balm is perfectly safe to use on the little patches of Charlie’s skin.  (I actually just bought a few other Baby products that I’ve been testing out!  I love their line!)

4. Stretch Mark Prevention-

Yes!! ^^^ I used a few different products for stretch mark prevention like organic coconut oil, Bio Oil, and the cleansing balm.  I liked to just switch it up, but I would just lube myself all up every night like I was heading right into a rap video.  Honestly, they say it has to do with genetics, but I wasn’t really risking it.  In my head it make sense- if your skin is stretching, it needs to be hydrated to avoid stretch marks.  I came out unscathed, in the stretch mark department.

5. Cuticle Treatment-

Again, more dryness.  Are we over winter yet?  I am!!  There is nothing worse than dry cuticles… UGH.. and then they peel.  Nope.  I just put a little bit of my cleansing balm every so often on them to keep them moisturized and prevent peeling (and me biting them.)

6. Burns

7. Eczema

8. Dark Spot Treatment

9. Acne

10. Sunburn Peeling

So many uses for ONE product.  That makes it a restockable item in my book.

On a side note, it feels so good being behind the camera again!  It’s been forever since I’ve had the time to just take some photos.  I’ve been playing around with some different ways to edit my photos.  What do you think about these?  I normally do a light, bright, and, white vibe, but I’m in the mood for a change.  I haven’t really found exactly what I’m looking for, so bare with me!

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