10 Pregnancy Items Every Mom to Be Needs + My Favorite Maternity Look

 Mommy Mondays are quickly becoming my favorite blog posts to write!  I can combine fashion, which is certainly getting tricky these days with this growing belly, with mom life!  Today, I couldn’t wait to tell you about this ribbed knit dress I’ve been literally living in! I’ll also be sharing 10 items that every mom to be needs in their life!  These items were total must haves during my pregnancy so I hope they can help you out as well!

First off, this dress that I’ve been living in is amazing.  It was $12.99 and the best purchase I’ve made so far during this pregnancy! I ended up buying it in grey also, and now I’m considering the black because it just stretches with my quickly growing bump.  It’s also not maternity so I hope to get some use out of it after Baby P arrives.  I might be swopping my espadrilles for some sneakers, but that’s okay!  

10 Pregnancy Items Every Mom to Be Needs


  1. 1.Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow-

  2. Whoa… this pillow was life changing for me!  I am normally a belly sleeper so not sleeping on my belly has really taken some getting used to.  Honestly, I waited far too long before I made this purchase.  The first night it arrives,  I FINALLY had a good night’s sleep! I was so relieved because sleep is so important to me.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage not getting sleep the entire 9 months!
  3. 2. Good Stretch Mark Cream-

  4. Stretch mark creams are a must.  I’m going with it.  I have read so much about whether or not stretch mark creams actually work.  Some people swear by them and some people say it’s really all about your genetics if you get stretch marks or not.  I will say, regardless if they work or not for stretch marks, your skin is stretching and it becomes itchy, making it super important to keep it hydrated with a thicker cream.  I’ve been using several throughout my pregnancy:  Burt’s Bees Mama Bee, Bio Oil, and Basq Stretch Mark Butter

  1. 3. BellaBand

  2. Save the jeans!  There is no need to rush out to get several pairs of maternity bottoms just yet!  At 30 weeks, I’m actually still wearing regular jeans with my Bella Band.  It’s worth every penny.  It’s especially good for the beginning where you just begin to not fit into your jeans, but you know you are going to continue to grow.  You simply put the band over top of your unbuttoned jeans and it holds them up! You can’t even tell your jeans are unbuttoned.  Your tummy will thank you.  Trust me on this one.
  3. 4. Men’s Tees

    I’m going to be honest here, I’m not really getting too fancy with my sleepwear.  As my belly continues to grow, I really just want to be comfortable.  I reached into Joey’s undershirt drawer and started stealing his basic white tees to sleep in!  They have been heavenly.  Don’t worry, I haven’t completely let myself go!  Asos has really adorable maternity nighties and loungewear and I usually break these out on the weekends or when we have guests.

  4. 5. Seabands-

  5. My sister in law told me about these bands and I thought there is no way these would relieve the nausea I was experiencing.  Like any mom to be in the first trimester, I was willing to try anything.  Although, they didn’t 100% relieve the morning sickness, it definitely helped!  You wear these bands on your wrist and they put pressure to a pressure point on your wrist that relieves some of that sickness.

6. Good Prenatal Vitamins and DHA-

I went with a whole food based prenatal vitamin because typically whole food vitamins do not upset my stomach.  My doctor actually recommends taking prenatal vitamins prior to even conceiving.  This is so you can already start to get the folic acid in your system as well as determine if the prenatal vitamin is what is making you feel nauseous prior to the morning sickness beginning. I ended up going with Honest Company DHA as well because they offer bundle discounts on them!


I can’t even begin to tell you what a necessity a good pair of leggings is.  I’ve been able to wear my favorite Lululemon Naked pair up until this point in the pregnancy (30 weeks).  They are just super comfortable and feel like you are walking around in your own skin. They’ve easily grown with my belly and have made for the perfect workout pant, lazy day at home, or if I want to be comfortable but yet presentable I’ll wear them with a cute tee and chambray over top with some converse sneakers!  The price tag is $88 for them, but I have gotten my $88 worth on these!  If I still can’t convince you to splurge, I would opt for a pair of Zella Live In Leggings.

8. The Maternity Basics

You may not need these right away, but go ahead and grab some of the basics for when you are in a pinch and your belly suddenly grew overnight.  Literally.  I purchased two basic white tees,  two pack of camis that double as nursing cami’s, and some hipster briefs all from H&M MAMA section.  They are so affordable and nice quality.

9. Pregnancy Book

This is so important.  Even though you might not feel like documenting your pregnancy at the time, I highly recommend doing so!  This darling book from Charmbooks has places for bumpdate photos, things you are craving, documenting your weight and belly measurements, and things about your future baby.  It literally documents everything you’d ever want to look back at!  You’ll have those memories for your lifetime!

10. Prenatal Yoga Classes (Or regular Yoga)

This is another must for me.  Obviously, with the permission of your Dr.  I would sign up for prenatal yoga classes and start them early!  I do regular yoga classes when I can, but I’m not signed up for prenatal yoga, which stretches your body in different ways that a regular yoga class can.  I can’t vouch right now if it’s really helped with the delivery aspect of things, but it has helped with the normal aches and pains off all the additional weight and expanding everything on on my body!

Ribbed Knit Dress ($12!) I bought it in grey also! // Cargo Jacket // Favorite Espadrilles 25% off!! // Sunnies // Leopard Clutch (Budget Friendly Leopard Clutch)


Did I miss anything?  What are your must have pregnancy items?!

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Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh