10 Items to Bring to Dinner En Blanc

*A huge thank you goes to ONEHOPE Wine who so kindly gave me the opportunity to attend Dinner En Blanc.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to take the time to do an actual blog post!  The second I think I’ve figured it out.. something changes in a big way!  Such is life.  Speaking of life, I have the perfect example of when life gives you lemons, you make some lemonade.Over the weekend I was invited to attend this exclusive, invite only dinner event called Dinner En Blanc by ONEHOPE Wine. You guessed it!  Everything has to be white.  It’s a very Parisian style dinner where you bring everything – food, dishes, table, etc.  I was looking forward to this event for weeks.  I spent so much time planning out our menu and collaborating with Sapphire and Lace for our beautiful table decor and floral arrangement!  I honestly couldn’t wait for such a unique experience for a date night!  Saturday comes around and everything was going smoothly. Charlie was napping like she should have, everything was packed up, we were in our normal Saturday routine, until I ended up getting stuck in roadwork for an hour and a half.  AN HOUR AND A HALF.  WHYYYYYYY on this day did I have to get stuck in traffic?!  I sat in my car not moving – sobbing – trying to figure out how I’m going to make this work.  I was so upset.  I committed to these collaborations and there was NO possible way I was going to make it home, feed the baby, change, and then get to the event (which was 58 minutes away with no traffic).  I was trying to figure out any and every possible way to make it work, but it just was not in the cards that night.I did what I normally do in this case and I let it ruin my night.  I couldn’t get past all the time, effort, and even money spent that was completely wasted.   I was so bummed looking at everyone’s photos and stories from the event.  Joey and I ended up eating a late dinner since we had a sitter anyway and had lots of much needed conversation.   He always welcomes the best advice.  We took this situation and decided you have a CHOICE to let something ruin your day or not let it ruin your day.  He suggested to have our own Dinner En Blanc the next night at the house.  That is EXACTLY what we did.  My neighbors probably think I’m a little cray because it was a little elaborate for al fresco dining in our neighborhood, but I thought it was the best idea ever!

Anyway, I had to share this story with you because I know that sometimes social media makes things look so easy and glamorous, or makes it appear like everyone seems to have it all together except you.  The reality is none of us have it all together.  Life is messy and nobody has a perfect life.  Social media is a highlight reel of people’s lives.

So here we have some delicious lemonade!  In case you have an upcoming Dinner En Blanc Event or want to just have a fancy little Parisian style date night at your home here are

  1. 10 Items to Bring to Dinner En Blanc!


    1. 1. Portable Table-
    2. We found this portable table which was exactly what we needed!  Your table has to be square and between 28″ and 32″.  There is a limited amount of space for everyone so they have to limit the size.  I loved this one so much because I can see us using it for future events and it’s also super compact, easy to put together, and comes with the perfect little carry bag!
    3. 2. Table Cloth-
    4. You’ll definitely want to purchase a white table cloth.  I actually had this fun, ruffle linen table cloth at our house, but I also found these that are super inexpensive.  You can actually get really fun and creative by layering with other white pieces like a lace runner, white doilies, etc.
  1. 3. Cart-
  2. As you can see the list of items to bring is already starting to grow!  It was at this point where I decided we needed some sort of cart to take everything!  The way Dinner En Blanc works is you have a meeting place the day of the event and then you walk or transport to the actual event location.  It remains a secret until that time!  Just in case you have a long walk – it’s much easier to manage all your belongings this way.
  3. 4. Centerpiece // Table Decor // LED Candles-
  4. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Julie and Bethany from Sapphire and Lace located here in Pittsburgh!  They are two sisters who run their styling, florals, and rental business out of the cutest cottage (that you can even book for your event)!  Please check them out on Instagram– their work is absolutely dreamy.  I keep telling Joey we should have another wedding just so we can hire them!  P.S. Pick up some of these LED candles to help create a beautiful ambiance – no flames allowed at Dinner En Blanc!
    1. 5. White Cooler Bag-
    2. You’ll definitely want to bring a cooler bag (and cooler) to hold all of your food/drinks/water.  NOTE:  No plastic bottles, including for water.   These wine cooler bags also come in handy (although they aren’t white…I would sneak one in because they also come with a bottle opener – which you’ll need! ;-))
    3. 6. White Picnic Basket-
    4. This picnic basket is just too precious!  There are definitely some less expensive options like this one here and here, but if you think you’ll use a picnic basket often, I would definitely invest in a nice one!
    5. 7. White Folding Chairs-
    6. IKEA apparently has great ones for $20! We ended up grabbing ours from Amazon!
  5. 8. White Dishes-
  6. I actually already have all white dishes in my house because Ina Garten says it’s the best way to serve food – on a white dish.  She’s usually right, so I went with it! You can get these on sale right now for 20% off!
  7. 9. Hot/Cold Containers-
  8. I really wanted to do a soup for the dinner so I reached for my Thermos hot/cold container- it keeps things perfectly hot or cold!  I highly recommend owning one of these – especially if you pack your lunch for work or picnic!
  9. 10. Clean Up Items-
  10. You’ll definitely want to pack a trash bag for cleanup and some paper towels just in case!  I actually packed some wet wipes so I could at least wipe off the dishes until I could get them home and wash them properly!  I also read somewhere that packing a Tide To Go pen is necessary.  If you are like me, when I wear anything white it’s a guarantee that I spill something on it!