10 Beauty Must Haves to Get You Through Winter + Sephora Holiday Beauty Insider Event

Winter is coming.  It’s coming full force.  I was actually looking at my calendar the other day and chatting with my family about what day we are getting together for Christmas!  YES, Christmas.  As my SIL loves to remind us weekly on Facebook- there are 7 Fridays until Christmas (8 if you count today.)  Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?  I have NOT.  I honestly cannot believe it, either, but today might be a good day to start because  Sephora is starting their Holiday Beauty Insider Bonus event today.  Obviously, I’m going to be purchasing for people on my list.  Maybe 1-2 items will fall in my bag for me.

Since the Beauty Insider Event is always a time I use to purchase my skincare and makeup, I thought I would share some of the products I’ve been using recently because this is about the time where my skin starts to become very dry and begins to look dull.  I tends to switch up my beauty routine because the products I use in the Fall and Winter are usually different than the ones I use in the Spring, due to my skin needs.  However, I do have a few holy grail items that overlap.

Here are

10 Beauty Must Haves to Get You Through Winter


  1. 1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask – THIS mask is my all time favorite mask.  I actually purchased the new Summer Fridays Overtime mask (which is made up of all my pumpkin spice dreams).  I leave it on for 10 minutes, rinse, and then add the Jet Lag Mask for 10 minutes.  This has become my weekly ritual.  I try to do this 2-3 times a week- at least twice a week for sure.  My skin feels so hydrated and so smooth.  GO TRY THESE MASKS.  Even if it’s the ONLY thing you buy, I would recommend these two items- hands down.

2. Kopari Coconut Deodorant– I really want to switch to an all natural deodorant.  I’ve tried so many in the past and none seem to work for me.  I’ve heard people RAVE about this deodorant so I decided that since it’s starting to cool down, I can afford to try it out!  Plus, I actually think you need to give your arms some detox time.

3.  Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum – My dermatologist said that vitamin c is an product that I should be using daily.  I tried a few brands and for some reason vitamin c tends to be a little harsh on my skin.  Honestly, I don’t consider myself someone who has sensitive skin, but in this case I have to be careful about serums.  I tried the Drunk Elephant brand and it’s not harsh like the others.  I love the glow it gives my skin.  It sort of brings my skin back to life.  It’s a pricier product, but it does last quite a while.

4. Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing CC Cream– Dry skin and dry hair.  Ugh.. winter is rough on me.  I started using this replenishing cc cream for the winter months and I’ve seen a huge difference in my hair, especially the strength and even the texture.  I’ve been really, really cautious about my hair since I had to basically chop it all off about a year and a half ago because it was just so unhealthy. In order to maintain that healthy hair, I need to make sure it’s hydrated.  I put a dime size amount of the replenishing cream in my hair when it’s still wet, comb, and dry.  I focus the cream on my ends, but I also spread it through the rest of my hair.  I also use the Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner.  I’m not going to lie- they are not cheap by any means (you can get this set + 20% off- which is a decent deal) but it’s worth it if it’s keeping my hair healthy.

5.  Born This Way Super Sculpting Concealer– This is a new product I just started using! I love it now, but I also know i’m going to love it more in the winter months.  It’s thick and almost has a moisturizing/dewy effect.  It does not crease in my eyelids and it actually stays put all day.  I like to set it with this setting powder.

6. IT Cosmetics CC Cream– Are you seeing a trend here?  I love illuminating/hydrating/highlighting products, especially in the winter months.  I want to look fresh and not dull or dry.  The IT Cosmetics CC cream is one I use on the regular basis- I love, love the illuminating version and it’s perfect to add some brightness for running out of the house for errands or an extra layer of moisture under your foundation.  If it’s a little too dewy for you, just apply a simple powder on top like this one (which i’ve used for years.)

7. Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil– Oh this oil takes me right to the spa every single night!  After I wash my face, I apply this oil on my neck and face before going to bed.  The scent just relaxes me as it’s moisturizing my skin through the night.  By the time I wake up in the morning, my skin is soft and smooth.  Sometimes I forget to put my moisturizer on because this oil does such a good job.

8.  Lancome Multitasking Highlighter– More illuminating and highlighting.  This helps hide the dryness.  This is a highlighter I’ve been using recently and I do love it because it looks good on camera and in photos. It seems to stay on very well throughout the day.

9.  Clarisonic Spin Brush– This is an oldie but goodie.  I love to use the Cleansing balm below to break up my make up, then i like to take my spin brush to my face to help get the blood flowing in my skin and help bring my skin back to life!  I do notice there is a purge phase where my face tends to break out if I haven’t used it in a while.  It’s because the spin brush is pulling all of that dirt to the surface of your skin.  It’s only a temporary thing, and once you get past that phase, you’ll love the spin brush!

10. Beautycounter Cleansing Balm– Ok, ok I know this one isn’t on sale.  It never goes on sale, but it’s a product I cannot live without in the winter months.  You can see a full post here on all the ways to use this gem.  Trust me, it’s life changing.

I know what you are probably thinking? Oh my gosh I’m going to spend a fortune.  Well, the perk right now is that you can get 20% off your entire order at Sephora with the Holiday Beauty Insider Event.  It’s the perfect time to try new products at a discount.  Secondly, if you are still overwhelmed but want to try some products, I always buy mini or travel sizes of items first.  They are more cost effective and I usually know if I’ll like a product or night by trying it out a few times.

Now is a great time to get your holiday shopping started as well.  Sephora has all their holiday gift sets ready to go!

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